1. tml4191

    Phantom 4 (Pro) stock case plasti dip/ flexi dip Tips Extra protective layer/

    If you are using your Phantom 4/P4P as a case, then this might be a good idea: Original video^ Current WIP: 1. Use masking tape 2. Use silly putty for those hard to reach areas that need masking(modelling trick) 3. Hang it up in the air to get a full spray in one run 4. Obviously spray in...
  2. tml4191

    What's the size of the p4p stock case?

    Can someone please post the dimensions of the case that comes with the p4p? Is it the same size as the p4 styrofoam case?
  3. Carltonart

    Sold.$750 Advanced with 4 batteries

    I've had this Phantom 3 Advanced for about a month and a half. Only a little over two hours flight time. Its never even landed on the ground, as I always hand caught it. Everything works perfectly I've never had any range issues. Camera works perfectly, no tilted horizon. Comes with lots of...
  4. eaglegoaltender

    This has to be for some serious LD pilots - anyone have or seen one?

    I did a search here but found nothing on this unit.......... Has anyone seen, purchase or used one of these new Titan "Command Cases". Quite the "ground station". Despite having an impressive look to it - I just don't see the "gotta have" one of these tagged to this unit. I suppose for some...
  5. J

    Looking for a Phantom 4

    Looking for someone who is looking to unload their P4 for cheap like I did to buy a mavic. Got my mavic on order but now I'd like something in the meantime. Looking to spend around $800 with at least 2 lipos. I know it's low, but if you want a quick and easy sale, let me know! It will be...
  6. SoCalDude

    Local Store for Backpacks

    I'm interested in a Phantom 4 backpack and have narrowed my choices down to the Lowepro 450 and the Manfrotto D1 (yes, I know about the P4 battery pouches). Is there a local store anywhere in southern California that carries either of these in stock so that I can go and look at it (and possible...
  7. S

    Professional Help selling PRO 3 x2

    Hey Guys Sorry for posting here and could not find classified section. I am selling a Pro3 with a ton of accessories, batteries, case etc that works fine. Also selling another one that needs a new system board but has been rebuilt except for that. I am selling this on behalf of my father in law...
  8. b2photo

    Good travel lock for hard cases

    A friend bought these locks for his case (Nanuk 950) and just ordered a pair for myself as I have the same case. They have a a really heavy duty construction, fit the thickness of the lock holes great, and are TSA approved. In the past I had to use either smaller locks that were hard to put on...
  9. S

    My Loss (Literally) your gain....

    As some of you know I lost my P3A last week in a flyaway. At this point and time I do not have the cash to replace it and quite honestly don't know when I will. That being said I have a bunch of stuff that I am looking to part with. All of these items are literally LESS THEN 1 month old. I have...
  10. R

    Phantom 3 Standard Case/Backpack. Which one?

    I really need a case/backpack for my P3Standard. I like the Go Professional backpack (limited edition), but supposedly the controller doesn't fit properly. The other backpacks don't seem to offer any real protection, and the hard cases look awesome, but look like they would be really bulky to...
  11. R

    Go Professional backpack for Phantom 3 Standard?

    I want to get a Go Professional backpack for my Phantom 3 Standard..... They only sell them to fit the advanced and professional. They say that you can't modify the foam to fit the controller. Anyone have any experience with this? Any other case/backpack recommendations? Thanks.
  12. T

    Removable landing gear/legs for compact travel?

    Hello everyone, So I've been using my P3P lately to film backcountry skiing and it's been a ton of fun. The problem is space in my pack! I often go for many miles and cover several thousand vertical feet in a day. My pack already contains food, water, shovel, warm layers, first aid, gloves...
  13. Malakai

    UK Selling Lowepro Droneguard CS 400 Mint Condition £90+shipping (or collect)

    Hi guys and girls, I'm selling my spare lowepro Droneguard CS 400. Its in mint condition. Its actually only been out of the house and into the boot of the car a few times. I use a different carrier to carry my drone in the field. Its a great case, everything fits perfectly and its comfy to wear...
  14. A

    DJi Phantom Parts/Cases 50% Off Codes

    If you want these new accessories/cases for 50% off, let me know! All you have to do is leave a review on the product page within a week of testing/using the product. Here are the terms: 1.costumer who apply for the code to order must leave his/her review code one review 3all the codes are...
  15. B

    Standard Phantom 3 standard pelican case problem

    Hi so I just got the pelican IM2600 case for my phantom 3 standard and everything is great the controller just does not fit. Do you guys have and solutions? Thanks
  16. A

    Standard Anyone know of a good Drone Case?

    Hey everyone! What kind of cases does everyone use? If you guys are looking for a drone case, check out DroneHangar LITE by Custom Case Group. Came across this case and I'm pretty satisfied with this. This new case is lightweight and affordable. Fits the DJI Phantom 3 nicely. For about $109...
  17. N

    Standard Controller in DJI Case

    Hello, I bought the DJI Phantom 3 – Hardshell Backpack CP.PT.000239 and I cannot get the standard controller to fit in there without smashing it in. Did anyone have any luck (and can share photos) of how they were able to get the phone mount part of the controller to fit? This case is supposed...
  18. F

    Phantom 2 Vision Plus cases for sale.

    One Blurex hard case. I think it was supposed to be for a phantom 2 because I had to cut some of the foam out to make room for the remote control to fit correctly, but it fits fine without having to take the props off. IS CARRY ON BAGGAGE SIZE FOR MOST AIRLINES. PRICE 110.00 SHIPPING INCLUDED...
  19. A

    Does Lowepro DryZone 200 fit P3?

    Just wondering if this backpack would fit a Phantom 3. Internal Dimensions of Backpack: L 30.5 x H 15 x W 43 cm Tried to work it out myself, but couldn't find the P3 dimensions online (except diagonal).
  20. N

    Fancier KingKong 40 WTB/Replica?

    Hi everyone! I love the amount of content in these forums, super helpful for a newbie searching for info on phantoms :) I cannot find any stock for what seems to be a perfect all-round backpack for the Phantoms (KingKong 40) ... can anyone provide a link for a place with stock or a replica of...