1. gringorio

    Airlines, checking a Phantom, Carry-on a Mavic?

    Hey everyone, I'm headed to Mexico next week and need to take both my Phantom 4 pro and Mavic 2 Pro. I figured I'd check the Phantom in its hard case (no batteries) and carry-on the Mavic. Has anyone flown to Mexico with two drones? If so, did you have any issues? Thanks!
  2. G

    P4 replacement motor

    Short story long, i had my P4 with me as carry-on luggage from Tenerife, and the x-ray operator got a hissyfit and demanded everything in my backpack had to be sent through the machine on separate trays and the backpack completely empty.. Somehow during this ******** the drone ended up upside...
  3. dougvg

    Perfect air travel case (cheap, too!)

    On my recent trip to New York, I discovered that the styrofoam case that the P4 Pro comes in fits perfectly in a carry-on suitcase. The styro case takes the drone, controller, 2 batteries, and the tablet, and there is still room in the carry-on for more batteries and extra gear. Since the...
  4. T

    Travel to Cayman

    Thought I would do a little travel log and relay my experience traveling and shooting with my Phantom. As I've posted, this is my 3rd unit after a couple of P3As with crack issues I utilized Black Friday sales and upgraded to a P3P. I received my new bird on Monday and took out for a little...