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    Pv330 camera tilt

    Recently purchased a used PV330. It was crashed by previous owner. Upon purchase everything was functional. During my first flight I misjudged the distance of a tree. The drone took a short fall and cracked an arm, battery dislodged, and camera disconnected. I fixed the shell, got it flying...
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    Camera won't tilt after replacing ribbon cable

    Been flying my P3P since November. Crashed a few weeks ago, yaw arm and camera broke off and roll arm bent. Local drone store had a full gimble setup from another customer, they had issues with video and customer decided to just buy a new $500+ gimble. Gave me the setup (great guy and customer...
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    Tilting the camera

    Hey guys! Im have a little issue with the tilt of the camera when im connected and flying. If i have the drone in the air, connected to the app and everything works. Im having the issue that i can ONLY tilt the camera within the VISION app. But since its hard to make a good shot with one hand...