cached maps

  1. Chuck1906

    How to Cache Maps?

    I was using my iPhone 6 as a monitor but now i have the 5 inch CS monitor. I am really liking this monitor over my iPhone but what I cannot seem to figure out is how to Cache the maps! Since I am flying a P3P, I am using the Go App version 3.1.10. I have searched all through the Go App for...
  2. nwcove

    ipad 2mini wifi .....what do i need to know ?

    just bought an ipad 2mini 32gb wifi only to replace my iphone on the p3s . -from what ive read, i need to cache maps before i fly?( will need to do more reading on how) - wont be able to reset homepoint if i change location ? not sure if i fully understand that . -follow me mode wont work...
  3. Phil Tuggle

    Cached Maps on Device open to entire continent? - HELP Please.

    Well this is embarrassing, but I need some EXACT steps in being able to open to a LOCAL map - rather than the entire Nation - in the DJI GO App (I happen to have an Android device with Wifi and GPS only). Flights have been fine since the delivery of my P3A back in June. No issues at all. I'm...