1. Macfawlty

    Making $$ with stock drone footage

    For those pilots looking for new ways to make money from photos and footage, take a look at Gettyimages Contributor Community (Sign in | ESP). Gettyimages is the largest stock photo/video agency in the world and has bought up most of their competitors over the years. I've used their stock photos...
  2. S

    Are You Starting a Drone Business (or considering it)? ... How's it going?

    I've been pondering stepping up my drone hobby into trying to make some income from it. I know there is lots of info around on what it takes to do that, but I'd love to hear from people who are actually doing it (in particular people who have gone from a hobby to a business or side business), or...
  3. jdwarren

    Critical UAV Business Questions

    Hey all! Now that I have passed my 107 and have my LLC. I am finishing up my website and building my portfolio. I have a few critical questions that I would love to hear your opinions/answers on.. thank you in advance and best wishes to you! 1) How do you take payments? When do they pay? How...
  4. J

    Building up portfolio before CAA Approval?

    Potentially a silly question but cant hurt to ask - I am going to be doing a part time aerial photography business in a few months once I've completed a course and got CAA approval. So until then I want to get a good portfolio of images/videos for the website facebook ready for posting when I...
  5. DroneOnNDP

    FAA 107 Compliant Client Workflow

    Recent 107 exam passer here, yaya - does anyone using drones in their photography/videography/production business have a link to a good FAA 107 compliant workflow? One you've developed that you'd be willing share, or perhaps your ideas on how to develop a good one? Like one you can use in...
  6. J

    Whos started a small Aerial photography business in UK?

    Just trying to work out if its viable to start a part time dorn ephotography & video business. I have a drone, just need CAA approval after a course. Im in a rural spot so plenty of farms, buildings, estates, people will potentially want photographing but I'm just unsure if people will want to...
  7. microraptor

    Recreational or Commercial?

    To all phantom pilots. Just a little poll.
  8. K

    Do you fly or want to fly commercially?

    Hi all, We just ran a Q&A with one of our drone lawyer advisors, Jeff Antonelli, on our blog and I think he gave very insightful and useful answers for anyone flying a drone commercially. I've seen a fair amount of people on this forum either currently flying commercially or wanting to fly...
  9. G

    Seems I'm screwed!

    Hello all, Been studying for my part 107 test and just recently bought the P4. My goal has been to start a drone business. Event video, construction survey and maybe real estate. I have been closely focused on the FAA rules evolving and once they became active on the 29th of August I figured I...
  10. U

    Commercial Operations: What do you want to know?

    If you could sit down with successful commercial UAV operators, what would you ask them? What if you could talk with a guy that is out there earning money with his drone, what tips, information, questions etc would be most helpful to you as you start your own UAS business?
  11. seb evans

    feedback for future indoor drone racing, teaching etc.

    Hey fellow drone flyers, I have been looking into a possible business idea its in the very early stage and i need help from you all. What i need is an idea of how many people in the drone community would be willing to pay a membership annually for use of a drone racing track fully lit with led...
  12. Sim597

    First actual drone delivery in US already happened.

    The first successful drone delivery in the US has taken place I saw this a day or two ago, thought it deserved a mention. Kudos really, for those that didn't hyperlink, it was a small tiny town out east, a first aid kit and some water and another item were delivered.
  13. J

    What exactly is required for commercial use

    I've looked through these and other forums, searched online. The closest, up to date, reliable source I have found is The problem is, the statement regarding commercial use is slightly confusing. I have messaged them with no response so far. "If you want to use UAS for...
  14. G

    Study project about airbags for drones - thoughts?

    Hi guys! We are a group of six people who, in the context of a university project, are developing a business idea that has to be related to drones. We are studying on the Technical/Engineering faculty University of Southern Denmark, and the course is called “Experts in Teams”, and is a semester...