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    Moverio BT200 + Colorado Video DM485CS = DJI Phantom 3 FPV!

    (**Disclaimer** - I don't work for DJI, Epson, Colorado Video or anyone else mentioned here) I finally got all the pieces to get my Epson Moverio BT200 glasses working with my Phantom 3 Professional. The last part was the Colorado Video DM485CS Video interface. A quick review is included below...
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    Epson BT-200 with new HDMI unit or wait for Epson-BT300?

    Hello! (**NOTE** I do not work for DJI or EPSON or receive any type of compensation from them) I've been using the Epson BT-200 Glasses with my DJI Phantom 2 Vision for a couple of years. If you want a great FPV experience (and still be able to actually see your drone) these are really...