1. SimonJC

    Hi From SouthWest UK

    Hi, I have just aquired a P3Standard (for now) and have yet to take a flight (UK weather not great at the moment). I'm a 50 something photographer/videographer looking to expand my repertoire. I have enrolled in a Pfco course already and am giving drone operating a serious bash (hopefully not...
  2. J

    Help needed filming - Bristol UK - Paid

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post in so I apologise if not. I'm looking for a drone owner/operator in the Bristol area to help me get some pick-up shots for a short personal project I am working on. I need a drone that can shoot 4K so I'm looking for the level of a DJI...
  3. P

    Flying spot near Filton, Bristol, UK

    Hello All I am down in Bristol for work for the next few days from Manchester and I'm looking for a flying spot, possibly on the Severn. I'm staying in Filton near Aztec. Any advice would be great. Peter