blurry video

  1. P

    Blurry Footage from Phantom 4 Pro - Is there anyway to resolve?

    Hi All This is some footage I recently took over Cornwall and taken from the SD card of my P4P. No recent settings had been changed to the drone since the last flight which recorded the footage perfectly. My only theory...and this is just a that when taking snaps from the drone it...
  2. CE Visuals

    Did I get a bad P3S?

    I was out yesterday shooting for a client on a short documentary and after getting my footage ingested onto my editing workstation, I discovered my footage looks mushy - to the point of being unusable IMO... I've only had the unit a little over a month and I'm stumped to figure out what's...
  3. P

    P3A blurry / our of focus center image

    Hi Guys, I'm Peter from Macedonia, a recent P3A owner that bought the drone from Germany. I'm a professional studio / outdoors photographer for over 15 years, so I've done a lot of pixel peeping throughout the years and I know when something is not right. I've read a couple of threads about...
  4. L

    Blurry video footage

    I recently purchased a P3 standard and after recording a few videos I can't get any to play back on my galaxy s7 without being blurry. Clear footage on macbook but how can I edit and watch on phone at good quality? Have tried watching after uploading to YouTube but still blurry
  5. B

    Standard blurry video on right side

    Hi everyone! I'm new in quad copter and i have the standard with firmware ver and 2.8.2 app. I've notice in right side of video is not sharp as the center and left side. I uploaded a video to see what i mean. Is 2.7K with standard settings (auto WB, Color none) and in 25fps (the same...
  6. R

    Blurry Video After Firmware Update

    I got a notice on my iPad today to update the firmware on my P4 (version 01.01.0410). Did anybody else receive that notice? That's my first question. Anyway, after upgrading I flew the Phantom for a little while. When I came home and looked at the video it was all blurry. First thing I did was...