1. F

    How Do I attach a dome light to the top of the P3P?

    So I got these dome lights a red beacon for the top of the drone and a white one for the bottom. Anyone know of any ways to attach it to the top of the drone easily? It has a good amount of clearance from the props. Around 4 inches. Pictured below are the lights.
  2. F

    'Blinking' cache video - NVIDIA Shield and phone

    Hi guys, Over 150 hours of successful flights and recordings with P3P. Never had any problems with video files saved on microSD cards. Live FPV on tablet also looks good! But ALL videos recorded in mobile devices' cache are... 'blinking'. I saw it before, but never used those files and didn't...
  3. jrod1944

    Three constantly blinking red lights and constant beeping

    I recently had the biggest crash in 3 years of flying my Phantom 2 Vision Plus. The landing gear was ripped off. In addition to various cracks and scrapes, The compass cable had a break, and the camera took a big hit. I took the camera and gimbal apart and it seems to be working. I ordered a...
  4. F

    FC40 not connecting to controller

    Hello! I recently purchased a (used) FC40 without battery, so i had to buy a new one. The connectors inside the aircraft needed soldering because some of the insulation on one of the wires to the battery was gone. I tested the aircraft with a battery, it connected successfully to the...
  5. M

    Wierd LEDs blinking all colors. Attached video!

    Hey guy. VIDEO: Fil 000 IM LOOSING MY MIND! My second p2v+ in this month that get all wierd on me! So, as you see in the video, around the 1 minute mark the phantom starts flashing and blinking the LEDs. I flew it today, got home, took out the battery. 1 hour later i put it in and started...
  6. Z

    Problem with Phantom 3 Professional Firmware 1.4.0010

    Hi People, we have a problem with our Drone here: Phantom 3 Professional Firmware 1.4.0010 - Update to 1.5.0030 Doesn’t work by putting the file onto the SD-card and start the drone. Blinking yellow only. - Update to 1.6.0040 Doesn’t work by putting the file onto the SD-card and start the...
  7. R

    Need help with my drone. Blinking yellow lights??

    So my drone took a mild crash and I had to replace the shell because one of the four arms was bend. Everything else seemed fine though. After replacing the shell all it gives me when I turn it on is slow blinking yellow lights. And no there is not a blinking red light on the board, the...