battery storage

  1. E

    Battery Hibernate Threshold Suggestions

    I have 5 batteries and recently set them to begin powering down after 4 days. I understand it takes a day or two for this process to complete. What if I am called to do a shoot and all of my batteries have started to discharge? Can I interrupt the process by either topping them off with the...
  2. T

    Best way to manage and care for P3 batteries

    Hey Guys, Has anyone heard of the Telesin Discharger for DJI Phantom 3 Battery? I often find myself sometimes going a week or more (unintentionally) without flying and keeping my batter fully charged. My hope is this Discharger works. So far it looks good. Tell me do you agree with this?
  3. N

    Battery Auto Discharge Level

    Hope this isn't beating a dead horse but... total newb to DJI and have read lots about the battery technology here. My experience with dumb lipos is that they should be stored at about 3.85v per cell. I'm thinking that the DJI smart battery would auto discharge to about the same level...
  4. Numone

    Battery Advice Please

    So it's been nearly four weeks since I last flew, and I recharged all four of my batteries, "conditioned" them for the first time, recharged them once again and brought them back down to the storage level using my Phantom Angel. I've just checked them and two are showing two solid LED's and...