battery problems

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    Motors won't start (Battery too cold warning?)

    Hey Everyone, I just went out to film a bit in cold weather but I wasn't able to get my motors going and saw a warning saying that my batteries are too cold. Camera connected and everything was set to go, Compass was calibrated. Restarted a few times. latest firmware. (Flown multiple times...
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    Battery intelligent board

    I have battery that dont work. I have opened it an found that it has to be the "charging board" on TOP that is broken. Its an easy Job to put on a New one, but where can i get it?
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    got a brand new phantom 4 with not working battery

    yesterday i bought a brand new dji phantom 4 from bestbuy in newmarket ontario, canada, the sales person told me once i open the box i can't return it, i agreed, and later on when i got home, i opened the box, found out the battery was completely not working, no flashing lights no matter how...
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    Phantom 3 Standart battery problems

    Hey mates, I bought original genuine DJI Phantom 3 Standart battery for my drone. I cant normally power on it, and cant charge it… Have red all of manuals (drone and battery), no my situation discussed there… On single press (for battery level check) got 1st LED, which blink, that means...
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    Water Damage P4 resulting in GPS/Battery Issues. Advice?

    Hey guys! I crashed my P4 into a tree then fell into a couple feet of water two weeks ago. Pulled it out and removed battery about 20 seconds later. Dismantled and dried out in rice for a week. Put it all back together a couple days ago and everything worked!! Everything, that is, except...