1. N

    DJI Barometer

    Hi! I want to know which barometer does DJI uses. Someone know how can I find this kind of information? Thanks!
  2. M

    Absolute altitude

    I was flying over a beach. Looking at P4P metadata i found Absolute Altitude = 42m below sea level, so it seems I was diving :) Relative altitude refered to home point altitude was okay Is it possible to calibrate barometer/GPS to get more accurate data? Compass is already calibrated and GO4...
  3. OldManInWva

    Inconsistant altitude variances

    Howdy P4 Flyers.... Question... Has many (or any really) experienced what I would consider severe altitude variances between take off ( 0 feet) and landing?? assuming you land in the same location or within a few feet of. I just went thru 31 of my 32 flights and noticed that not ONE flight...
  4. M

    P4 in Atti keeps moving down

    Hi everyone, I'm aware there has been a lot of discussion about the Atti mode, but some of the information is mixed. My have tried the atti mode today in my room and outside, and in both cases the drone has not been steady. Inside, I just flew it a bit up (20-30 cm), and it started moving up...
  5. R

    Fatal Barometer/Altitude Issue Documented. Please Comment.

    By way of background. I am a very serious pilot. I am a video professional and I have been flying DJI platforms for more than 3 years accident free. I am currently in pilot school, because I believe in doing it right and that knowledge is safety. Lastly I calibrated my IMU and compass early...
  6. R

    Nvidia Shield K1 and Barometer?

    I've done a search and also researched but can't find my answer. It's my understanding a tablet with GPS and a barometer is best for flights that include terrain with differing elevations. The Shield K1 seems great regarding price vs performance. Does it have a barometer? Thanks