autoflight logic

  1. Swells

    New Hangar 360 App Coming - Beta Testing Now

    I finally got the chance to Beta test the upcoming Hangar 360 app. The app is as simple as it gets. Turn everything on, open the app, press the takeoff button, automatically file to 300 feet, automatically take 23 pano photos, automatically land, automatically upload the photos to your device...
  2. egoldy

    New How-To Video On Autopilot's Pano Mode

    Everyone, Enjoy this latest video from the Autopilot How-To Series that will walk you through all the capabilities added with the latest release around Pano Mode and Panorama’s via Waypoint Actions. Autopilot How-To Video: Pano Mode As an added bonus, based upon customer requests, I...
  3. b2photo

    Autoflight Logic Autopilot Video Lag

    Hello everyone...this is my first post on here but have been reading a lot since I got my drone a month ago. Lot of great info on here so thanks! I have the Phantom 3 Advanced. I just started using Autoflight Logic's Autopilot App after getting comfortable flying via DJI Go. However, I'm...
  4. egoldy

    New Multi-Controller App From Autoflight Logic - Control More than One Quad With One Transmitter

    Have you ever wanted to control more than one quadcopter with a single transmitter? We’re excited to announce the upcoming release of “MultiController” - part of Autoflight Logic’s Suite of applications which include Autopilot, Airspace, and Autoframe. This video demonstrates and introduces...
  5. Twinnny_twinnn

    Autopilot App I am loving it.

    I have been trying out autopilot App and I am loving today I took the risk and tried the Follow me mode and it worked great. Here is a small video.
  6. R

    After Autoflight is engaged Phantom shooting up

    Hello. Everytime that Autoflight engages with my P3P it shoots up like a rocket to about 15 meters and then decents to the desired altitude. Before the engagement the P3P is already brought manually to the setup mission-altitude. The DJI-Go-app is completely shutdown. I see this behavior from...
  7. Jack Ley

    Autopilot app, autoflight logic

    Has anybody tried the Autopilot app yet? I downloaded it last week, and got to try it out for the first time yesterday, I LOVE IT!! I have a lot to learn about it, I only did the follow and orbit, but it worked perfectly, plus there are all kinds of tutorial videos in-app to watch before your...