auto land

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    Litchi Keep Auto Landing

    Has anyone experienced problems with litchi where without any confirmation the drone starts auto landing? My firmware is up to date as is the litchi app 3.10.10. Phantom 3 Standard, both with and without range extender. it has only occurred to me whilst in gps fpv mode, but it now has me...
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    Picture perfect auto water landing was sickening.

    Beware fellow flyers. As a boat dealer, I use my drone primarily for shots of boats on the water for marketing purposes. After a successful mission, I initiated an auto landing and began walking back to my home point. Not hearing her return, I looked back and watched her land in the waterway and...
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    P3p entered landing mode on its own.

    I was flying my P3p using Litchi way stations when all of a sudden the plane started to auto land. I was in f mode at the time so switched to p mode and stopped the descent and was able to fly the 500 feet back to me. Battery was freshly charged that day and I was on my second short flight...