atti mode

  1. gringorio

    Phantom 4 Pro Switches to Atti when in P mode

    My Phantom 4 Pro has been sitting for over two years without a flight so today I charged the batteries and took it for five flights just to make sure it still flew well and the batteries were good. On the last flight when I was coming in to land in P mode, it started drifting like it was in Atti...
  2. A

    Phantom 4 Pro leaves GPS into Atti Mode

    I’m a relatively new pilot. I’ve had my phantom 4 pro + up around 10-12 times. Recently, it seems to be going out of GPS into Atti mode pretty frequently and also says there’s a compass failure. Freaks me out and I’m afraid to lose a visual on the actual drone while flying. Anyone else...
  3. H

    From P to ATTI mode in a blink....why?

    Hi all. A question for the Phantom 4 experts Today I had to shoot the interior of a Baroque style church. Of course there was no one there except for my self and my assistant. Everything went as smooth as silk, and I flew "Vision Mode" as the drone couldn't get the GPS mode due to the structure...
  4. GrantKerr

    P4P in ATTI mode switches to GPS mode by itself

    During my last 4 flights with my new P4P (only 2hrs flying time) the ATTI mode would switch back to GPS mode without any reason/warning. This didn't happen with the flights before these. The ATTI mode was selected using the switch on the controller. However the mode would change to GPS and...
  5. B

    GPS Signal lost, Switched to ATTI Mode, Flew the drone home

    I flew my drone in the coast and tried to take some photo of a small island. It is only about 300m direct distance from home point, and about 3500m to a military NFZ (see the figure in red square, blue is military NFZ). Drone was taken off smoothly with GPS level about 14. I started to fly to...
  6. R

    Phantom 4 Pro Losing GPS Signal

    This happened to me flying the drone in 2 totally different places. The gps shows 18 satellites and from nothing goes to zero satellites, does anyone know what may be happening?
  7. S

    Phantom 4 Crash, DJI at fault?

    Guys, my Phantom 4 crashed. I was filming the side of a building in Houston when all of a sudden my drone begins moving forward on its own. I pull back on the joystick, nothing happens. The drone continues to move forward and for whatever reason the obstacle avoidance sensors on the front of the...
  8. DroneTurismo

    Swallowed up by American Flag (my first Fail!)

    I am making a slow motion video of the American Flag for my youtube channel. Perhaps i accidentally descended or the wind blew the flag higher than expected. I had been flying back and forth on this line over 5 minutes before the flag decided to eat the P4! Thank God the remote told me it...
  9. M

    My P4P went into ATTI mode today by itself!

    I posted this as a reply to someone else's old thread, but I'm discovering that I get many more replies if I post a new thread instead of trying to revive a long-dead thread. So here goes... hope's it's OK to do this... I switched my P4P on today on our snowy but plowed driveway. I was...
  10. A

    Electromagnetic Interference Error and Crash

    Hey guys, Love this forum. I got the P3S yesterday, and have been having heaps of fun, mainly flying low and close in Beginner mode while I get the hang of it. Now, I had no problems yesterday, and then today I went to an empty oval with no buildings, trees, anything I can think of that would...
  11. M

    P4 in Atti keeps moving down

    Hi everyone, I'm aware there has been a lot of discussion about the Atti mode, but some of the information is mixed. My have tried the atti mode today in my room and outside, and in both cases the drone has not been steady. Inside, I just flew it a bit up (20-30 cm), and it started moving up...
  12. B

    Need advice please

    I've been flying the P3 4K now for about a month and overall am very happy. Today I was flying in a place where I have flown about 10 flights without incident. Today the drone repeatedly had compass issues, went in and out of atti mode every few seconds and would fly off to starboard. I was...
  13. F

    Manual and safe mode

    Dear 'colleagues', This question certainly has been posted more often I'm sure but I cannot find the answer. Can anyone help me?: In the Phantom 2 Vision Plus will the Failsafe procedure always start with a LOL, also when you re flying in atti or manual mode? Thanks a lot for your knowledge!
  14. WetDog

    Interesting flight - Compass error

    Started out a test flight in my yard - a place where I have flown dozens of times before and, IIRC, the last place I calibrated the compass. I checked my compass MOD value - 1530, which is typical and had green everywhere. Did not recalibrate. As I got to about 50 feet I noticed the back LEDs...