1. W

    Drone/orthographic photography art project

    Hi everyone, I'm a visual artist and am currently researching orthographic stitched imagery for a project. I dont have any real experience of working with photographs from drones. Right now I'm looking for a high resolution image of a lawn or domestic garden (maybe 50-100 square meters) - I...
  2. M3aerial

    #Drones4Crohns - Drone Photography Fundraising Campaign

    Hey PhantomPilots! I'll make this short and quick! Myself and a fellow recreational UAV pilot and commercial airline pilot have started a fundraising campaign to raise awareness about Crohns and Colitis, two awful diseases that are often misunderstood; and to ultimately raise money towards...
  3. J

    Pretty Cool Video

    Pretty Cool Phantom Video!
  4. tml4191

    Starry Reflections-Photo Art-

    Link: SkyPixel - Connecting Creativity
  5. tml4191

    Panel Line Your DJI VPS like a model

    Before Process Finish Steps: 1. Use black enamel paint (or any color you wish) 2. Spray/get a small amount paint (enough for a small pool of paint) 3. Dilute it with ZIPPO Lighter fluid (about 1/4 of the paint) 4. Use a pointy brush to dip the mixture into the letters DJI, or any line on...
  6. will.moindrot

    Nice Artwork using drones

    Hi All, probably wrong place but this is the part of the site where I hang out and I will be trying to do this with my P4. A friend sent me a link from a UK sunday newspaper to a site with interesting artwork that uses a drone to warp reality to create scenes that recreate an inception/halo type...