altitude issues

  1. S

    GPS tracker dangerous interference; caused mini crash

    After I lost my first P4 , and no chance to find it (long story..), I decided to use a gps tracker all the time. I bought a new P4 and attached a TK102 tracker, set it to send sms every 30 seconds. I attached it by adhesive tape to the landing gear. On the first flight (waypoint programmed...
  2. W

    P4 can't maintain altitude, it keeps climbing

    Dear members As I took my P4 for a flight today, I noticed that it kept climbing at a slow rate therefore and in order to maintain my footage I had to compensate by maintaining the collective stick slightly down. It was hard. Upon landing, I noticed that my home altitude was -70! Of course I did...
  3. D.J. Province

    Altitude Issue- Whats wrong with this picture?

  4. R

    Fatal Barometer/Altitude Issue Documented. Please Comment.

    By way of background. I am a very serious pilot. I am a video professional and I have been flying DJI platforms for more than 3 years accident free. I am currently in pilot school, because I believe in doing it right and that knowledge is safety. Lastly I calibrated my IMU and compass early...