altitude issue

  1. R

    Altitude reprogram, is it possible?

    Can you remove altitude limit program? I need to be able to go to 600 ft. 400 is to low.
  2. B

    Fatal altitude loss suddenly with no errors

    Good day guys. Any help would be appreciated. New to the drone seen but been flying my drone every day since i got it in feb. Got use to controls and comfortable with every thing. Brought drone on holiday and had some good ocean flights. Tonight tried again and all went well till i went out...
  3. Mike2015

    Altitude Issues

    I recently had my Remote Control repairs and new joysticks fitted I have linked it to my P3A. I took it out for its first test flight and noticed the following problems. When I fly my Phantom 3 Advance the altitude starts off correctly at 0. Lift off to 20', all good. As I increase my...
  4. OldManInWva

    Inconsistant altitude variances

    Howdy P4 Flyers.... Question... Has many (or any really) experienced what I would consider severe altitude variances between take off ( 0 feet) and landing?? assuming you land in the same location or within a few feet of. I just went thru 31 of my 32 flights and noticed that not ONE flight...
  5. R

    Height not accurate P3S

    Hello. The height indicated in my app is not very accurate. I take off and hover at 1meter and it says 3meters in app, and at the end of my flight when I landed, I was at maybe 2 meters high hovering and app said 10 meters at the same time. I recalibrated compass and IMU but same issue Any...
  6. Dramface460

    New P4, now having issues with VPS and strange sound

    Hi all, This week I received a replacement drone from DJI. Didnt have much time to fly it until later this week. yesterday I had severe drops in altitude. Called DJI and was told to use the DJI assistant 2 to calibrate the VPS. strange because I did not have to with my original p4 and it was...