aerial filming

  1. D

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  2. G

    Phantom 3 advanced in St zotique, Quebec

    Flying over a lake
  3. We Talk UAV

    DJI Mavic Teardown- What’s inside?

    DJI Mavic is probably the first drone that really took all the fame from Phantom Series. The drone that can do everything that Phantom 4 does, and even more. But the coolest thing about Mavic Pro is it’s size. Ah, anyway, I don’t think it’s necessary to explain what kind of drone is Mavic...
  4. G

    Country NSW Phantom Australia 4 Aerial Drone Footage

    short clip I took :)
  5. Skyer

    New Phantom 3 channel teaser

    Hi everyone! Here's a new video I've put together to showcase the collection of short films I've been creating with my P3A. As always, comments, likes, questions and new subscribers are much appreciated!
  6. We Talk UAV

    ND Filter-An Awesome Photography Tool

    Three or four years ago, the drone was mostly thought of as a model plane. Now, it’s considered a full-fledged flying camera. Drones have been a huge boon to the film industry, allowing for incredible shots at vastly reduced costs. Many professional photographers have jumped onto the drone...
  7. Cole Scheer

    Yanney Heritage Park - Kearney, Nebraska

    Check out my latest video that I took at Yanney Park in Kearney, Nebraska!
  8. N

    Japan trip 2015

    Hey DJI pilots, this is my first try at making a video with my Phantom 2 and my Gopro 3. I visit Japan once a year if I can and tried to capture my last trip this November on video. I never really liked taking pictures that much, and videos always seemed like a lot of work and too expensive...
  9. Neil Mathew

    Vertical Studio - Looking for Beta Testers

    Hi Phantom Pilots, We’re Vertical, a start-up in the Bay Area and we're looking for beta testers for our app Vertical Studio. One of our biggest problems with aerial video was that filming landscapes and panoramas is easy, but filming close-up shots of stuff in action is ridiculously...