1. E

    WTB: Phantom P3 Adv or Pro Camera/Gimbal

    Hey Everyone... I have a P3 Adv that took a spill a few months ago. I've replaced the Aircraft already but the gimbal/camera has jitters and digital artifacts. Looking to buy a new or "like new" Gimbal/Camera for the P3 Adv or Pro. Located in VA, USA. Let me know what you have for sell...
  2. Vince O

    P3S Didn't RTH Right Away After Signal Loss

    Hey guys, thanks for checking this thread out. Here is the video. Any ideas why it took a minute or so to come home?
  3. J

    I want to buy a Phantom 3 Adv. or Pro. with at least 2 batteries

    I am looking for a Phantom 3 Adv. or Pro. with at least 2 batteries. I do not want a huge package deal, I am trying to minimize cost. I just want the bare minimum amount of things needed to fly (controller, phantom 3 and batteries (and a charger)). I also have a P2V for sale with 3 batteries if...