active track

  1. DroneTurismo

    Feedback on my Phantom 4 commentary video?

    Hi all, uploaded this today. My goal is to have mostly drone footage and the occasional drone vlog or tips and tricks video. Im not new to youtube, i have a gaming channel that does very well, but this is new for me being on camera and talking. Should i do anything different? And what are the...
  2. Henrik Olsen

    Active Track In-depth Tutorial

    Active Track is one of the coolest features from DJI This flight mode will help you record cinematic footage. I made this Tutorial showing the different options under Active Track including how to use them and get the best out of it NB! yes I know it's a Mavic in video, but it should cover...
  3. lone droner

    DJI P4 pro + / active track , she tried to fly away on me ... ?

  4. M

    Active Track offset?

    Is there a way to not to have the subject on the center of the frame? It would be useful to to have the camera slightly up to show the far landscape instead the bottom terrain
  5. R

    Phantom 4 "Twitching" when using Active Track

    First time poster here! I haven't really used Active Track much on my Phantom 4 but I tried it today. It acted a little strange, seeming to "twitch" when it began following me. Here's a link to a youtube video of this. It does it some at 19 secs, but even more so at 40 secs. Is this...
  6. dougvg

    Active Track changes video mode

    My normal video mode is set to 1080/60, but when I switch Active Track on, the video changes to 4K/60. This is hassles, since I often don't notice that it has changed, and I end up with video I don't want and can't use. Anyone else have this problem? Android, nVidia Shield K1, P4Pro, latest...
  7. R

    Epic Active Track (P4)

    So I didn't realize that the Active Track was as accurate as it is on the P4. Anyone else able to track this well with their P4? Might go to the P4P if it's any better.
  8. R

    P4P Active Track vs P4's?

    Hey all, just wondering if the P4P's active track is as accurate as the P4's active track is in this video? It seems to track pretty well, but if P4P's is better I might upgrade. Any thoughts? Thanks! Phantom 4 Epic Active Track
  9. Spazzbecker

    Active Track function with Wifi

    Hi Guys So what do you think the active terrain track will function like with WiFi? I am hoping to get some cool footage tracking us riding our Ski bikes this winter What I saw of the P4 active track wasnt too impressed with it.
  10. R

    Tested the Phantom 4 Active track the past 2 days

    I've lost my P3Pro in a fuming volcano last month - on a trip abroad - and i came back with the phantom 4... Tested the Active Track yesterday and here's what I got:
  11. Drestin Black

    P4 Go App Follow Me Mode

    I click Follow me, set height about, what, 30 feet and click Apply. And from that point, my P4 will follow the controller and maintain altitude and distance and angle to me. BUT it won't go faster than 13.5 mph. Is this your experience? A max speed of 13.5 in Follow me makes this useless for me...
  12. N

    Active track tracking command timed out

    Dont understand why it says to me tracking command timed out when i draw the box over me but it does not turn green. My tap go also dont work
  13. B

    Speed Limit and Active Track Questions

    I've been trying to figure out what I can do with the DJI GO app before moving over to something like Litchi or Autopilot. I'm flying a P4 with the latest firmware and v2.8.0 of the GO app. I was using Follow-Me the other day flying over water and tracking a boat I was riding in. It's clear...
  14. Phil-RCGeeks

    Active Track Test

    I took the Phantom 4 out for a fly at the local skatepark to see what the Active Track feature is all about... I was pretty impressed! I've put in behind the scenes screen capture footage from the app as well so you non P4 owners can see how it works :)
  15. R

    Active Track--Can it control camera independent of flight?

    I have two situations that are difficult with my P3, and I am wondering if getting a P4 will help, that is will Active Track help with either or both: 1. Subject is moving and I want to fly along next to the subject, then circle around, and vary my distance from the subject, but I want the...
  16. h8tow8

    Phantom 4 SPORT Mode!

    Decided to make a short little film w DJI's new Phantom 4 mainly in Sport Mode going full forward speed (up to 44mph) and full ascending speed (13mph). Toyed w Active Track using a boat as my first object in the end I lost the boat... circling at 22mph wasn't fast enough to keep up... we need...
  17. Pogopilot

    My first video testing Active Track

    Active track seemed to work ok but I found it a bit sluggish. I decided to ride my electric unicycle to see if it would keep up with me. It lost me several times when I was directly below the bird. It seems that the drone will allways "fall in line" behind the target as the target moves. I...
  18. E

    Active Track P3P/A?

    Watching the presentation and the videos it doesn't seem like active track is a feature that uses anything other than the camera... Anyone got any ideas as to whether they think it will be pushed over firmware to P3P/A editions?
  19. CHunter415

    ActiveTrack for P3P/P3A

    I've seen the new features of the P4, and while the object avoidance is cool, I don't think its worth the $1400. The only feature that I think is worth it, is the ActiveTrack function. However this functionality doesn't appear to use the added cameras, rather seems to be software based with...