1. A

    In search of: 360 drone footage of the American South

    Hi all, I'm Alice and I'm a videographer on a production team at a planetarium in North Carolina. We're currently working on a film about the American South. We are in search of 8K 360 drone video footage of the south and were wondering if anyone here had any or knew where we could find some...
  2. E

    How to save the 360 tiny planet seen on APP as a video file?

    Hello! I've seen how the DJI app stitches the 360 images in a very cool "tiny planet" animation. How do I save this animation? I guess I can't do it directly, but there is an easy software where I can upload the images and get the hi-res video file of the tiny planet spinning? thank you
  3. B

    A super quick Way to get your Pano on Facebook in minutes

    The new pano feature is really quick and simple to use, and can be manipulated and animated just a quickly. This was working on my iPhone but Still not on the DJI go 4 app for the crystalsky yet.
  4. F

    Phantom 4 Pro - 360 Pano Mode resolution

    Can anyone please confirm if the software update 4.1.22 that updated the P4P to be able to shoot internal panos int he Go 4 app, also has the 360 sphere feature as with the spark, mavic and air? If so, How many images does it take What is the final resolution? thanks
  5. tml4191

    Does anyone have any (360) drone footage of the recent Solar Eclipse?

    Did anyone get a chance to film the recent solar eclipse with their drone? Now that 360 cameras can be used on quadcopters, does anyone have any drone footage of the event in 360?
  6. I

    Mounting Key Mission 360 to Phantom 3 Pro

    I need to find the easiest way to mount my KeyMission 360 to my Phantom 3 Pro Safely. I'm taking it on a trip this Saturday. I've never done anything modifying my drone like this before and am hoping that I'll be able to get it finished soon. I would like whatever the safest and/or easiest way...
  7. T

    Dronebase- is it worth it

    I flew 3 missions and got paid on 2 of them so far. $20 on one and 25$ on the other. If they are splitting it 50/50 the realtor is only paying $50 bucks? I think that is pulling down the price of the product. If I were dronebase sure it would make sense to sell it for $50 bucks and take $25...
  8. Καλλιστώ

    Very first attempt of a 360° Panorama using Litchi..

    Panorama made of 29 images taken with the beloved Litchi app on my (quite) old Nexus 5. Here it is Salto della lepre - Bonassola ITALY (Probably i was flying too low, but i love the possibility of this tool..) Ciao!
  9. hblink93

    Seeking info on 360 camera on gimbal

    I'm considering adding 360 video/picutres to my hobby. From what I've researched, the fundamental problems (at least the ones people are talking about) are poor image/video quality, and the need to stabilize the 360 camera. I fly a Phantom 3 advanced which is not modified in any way. Right now...
  10. thehightechhobbyist

    360 Degree Panorama for Facebook Tutorial

    I know everyone has been looking for a step-by-step guide on how to make those interactive 360 degree panoramas for Facebook with your Phantom. I recently wrote a complete guide on it (link is in my signature). You can really get some awesome results, and make people feel like they are there...
  11. chapsrlz

    Carso 360 (from skypixel)

    one of my entries to the 360 contest from skypixel. enjoy SkyPixel - Connecting Creativity comments, suggestions, thoughts?
  12. Mako79

    Nikon Keymission 360

    My next 360 Pr0n and Drone camera. Nikon announces a 360-degree action camera There is no pricing or specs yet. Looks like a Spring/Summer launch in the US. I was originally looking at the Kodak 360 4K on a modified H3-3D gimbal. To get the full 360, Kodak setup required 2 units mounted back to...
  13. Mako79

    First attempt at 360 spherical images

    First attempt. Google Maps Ingredients: 1 x P3A 1 x Litchi in Pano 1 x Autopano Giga 1 x Google Streets. And heaps of patience :)
  14. D

    Seeking Experienced NYC Drone Operators

    Unique opportunity available for adventurous NYC Drone Operators, looking for seasoned pilots to assist with an on-going project. Interesting work being done with experimental 360 rigs. If interested, please email [email protected] with a bit of background and any viable example...