333 exemption

  1. D

    Looking for the nearest FAA Testing Center for your Part 107? Here's a map!

    I found the testing center websites and the FAA's .pdf to be less than convenient, so I made a map of all of the testing centers. The data is taken from the FAA's list and was last updated on 12/14/16. Link to the map. I hope it helps!
  2. Jussaguy

    Small Craft UAS Bill is at the White House and did you know there is a night flying exemption now?

    It's going down. Did anyone even know that the FAA finalized an exemption for 333s that allow night flying? Sort of ironically, the first night 333 exemption was issued to a Canada based company with US offices (was issued April 18th). Also, that article I posted in the "how to make money"...
  3. T

    333 Exemption letters

    Hi all, I was told that there are letters that were written on the FAA website that I can use as guidelines for applying for an exemption for my LLC. I have searched hi and low for any of them and all I see are the granted letters. I have someone that will do it for me for a really low cost...
  4. R

    In anticipation of Part 107 rules on the way

    Since Part 107 is rumored to be coming in June or sooner (at least that's what I've read), what should those of us who are already experienced drone pilots be reading and studying up on in order to pass the test and/or any other requirements that are likely to be part of it? I want to be ready...
  5. P

    Legal Fees for Section 333 Exemption Petition

    I am looking to hire a law firm to assist with a Section 333 exemption. Does anyone have an idea of how much I would be looking at for preparation of the Section 333 Petition from start to finish? Are lawyers charging hourly on this or flat fee (or perhaps so mix of both)? Also, are there...
  6. O

    Status of 333 exemption

    Does anyone have any advice on how to contact the FAA and get an update on when my exemption will be approved? I filed over 5 months ago and have heard nothing. Thanks in advance.
  7. M

    333 Exemption - Flight/Operations Manual?

    I have my 333 petition ready to go with the exception of a flight/operations manual which it seems like other applicants have included (but you don't see exhibits on the list of approved operators)... The best info I've seen online has been an outline of sections to include. Are there any...
  8. R

    DroneLogbook Compliance for Commercial Operator (Coupon Code)

    DroneLogbook ( www.dronelogbook.com) has a coupon good for 50% their annual Pro plan. Use code EKDLB50 (good for annual pro plan only). They also have a plan for 50% off a quarter of their Enterprise plan. Use code - EKENT50
  9. ryantrax

    Section 333 Exemption, how long for approval?

    I applied for my Section 333 Exemption on Oct 1, 2015. The FAA added it to the docket on Dec 1, 2015, no decision has been made yet. For those of you that have gone through this already do you know how long it should take?