2.7k footage

  1. Green Phantom

    Stunning Sunset 2.7K Video - short Video

    Hi Everyone I have tried out the 2.7K 24fps setting for the first time and what a nice subject matter to test it on. It was very windy so the time lapse still shakes a bit and this was edited a lot in Final Cut Pro X to reduce the shaking due to the speed at which i sped up the footage. But i...
  2. Vince O

    P3S Didn't RTH Right Away After Signal Loss

    Hey guys, thanks for checking this thread out. Here is the video. Any ideas why it took a minute or so to come home?
  3. B

    No 2.7k Option on Phantom 3 Advanced

    Okay so this is going to be a very newbie question but hear me out, so I bought a new P3A on eBay running firmware 1.3.20 with the RC running 1.5.80 and the app 2.8.2 on a galaxy S6. So when I go to the DJI GO app there is no option to select 2.7k video, I'm guessing this is because the 2.7k...
  4. T

    WTB: Phantom 3 Replacement Camera Unit

    Looking for a good condition unit if possible shipped to business 78233
  5. J

    P3P VS P3A? 4K vs 2.7K?

    Hey guys, long time reader first time poster! So I'm looking to buy a P3 very soon and I have researched each edition of the P3 for over a month or so now. I was set on the P3P due to the 4K camera as I see it as future proofing! I live in Australia so the price difference between the P3P and...