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    First Videos - Lagos, Nigeria

    Great footage! Decent flights and shots as well you seem to be able to frame your shots quite nicely. One thing I would suggest and it will come with practice but try to get smooth panning shots with your yaw stick it will just clean up the overall shot and make it look slightly better. Other...
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    My First actual edit!

    Sorry I meant I use a Mac, it's up to you what you want to use but that edit wouldn't really have taken that much processing or graphics power
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    My First actual edit!

    Yeh use a Mac. That was only a basic edit that took <15mins, could have been much better. Other than the colour grading, that could have been done on any computer, really not that complex.
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    My First actual edit!

    Yeh he's one of the most inspirational youtubers, and he puts so much effort into all of his videos. Watched that video about four times
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    My First actual edit!

    So I've uploaded my footage before but never actually edited any of it. Until now! What do you think? Colour graded and other stuff.
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    My first actual edit!

    So I've uploaded my footage before but never actually edited any of it. Until now! What do you think? Colour graded and other stuff.
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    Buying extra batterys

    Can anyone clarify if this battery is genuine?
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    Phantom 2 for sale (UK) eBay

    Upgraded phantom 2 for sale full working order. Two dji batteries Gimbal Fpv system 8 x propellers 2 x Flysight batteries List goes on DJI Phantom 2 plus EXTRAS incl. FPV and monitor
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    Phantom 3 vs 2

    Ok so if I did then I'd go for the p3a. Main reason for considering it is that the GoPro isn't the easiest to control in night light, gives off noise in the footage. I know this can be corrected to a degree in post but the p3a just looks easier to control as in to stop start recording in air...
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    Phantom 3 vs 2

    Hi, I've had my phantom 2 for a short while now. I bought it second hand off of eBay. Since getting it I have bought a number of items to upgrade it, fpv monitor, antennas, tx, propellers, monitor mount, iOSD mini, list goes on. All in all think I've spent around £700, and my only concerns are...
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    Second flight with fpv

    Thank you! It was south of Manchester, took ages to travel to. Thanks for the advice as well I've not had it long so I'm learning as I go along, only my second flight with the fpv.
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    Post your favorite photo/shot with your p3:

    Not my favourite but one of them. Screen shot from video.
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    Second flight with fpv

    I'd like to thank you all for your supportive feedback. I've now taken my drone out again for a second flight, this time using an ND filter on my GoPro. Again, any feedback is greatly appreciated. Two questions I have are: How to improve the quality of the GoPro footage? Even when using the...
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    Yet Another Filter Thread

    I've only recently discovered filters, not had my drone long. I am made up with the result though! Think I used nd8 on my GoPro. Results below.
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    First Flight with FPV

    Hi, Recently bought a phantom 2 and added an fpv system to it. I've been waiting to get decent weather to fly it and finally managed to take it out. I've colour graded it and edited a minute clip out of the total footage. It was very windy so the drone pops into the bottom left of the video a...