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    I never noticed this till I got home. What is it?

    I tend to agree with what Captainmilehigh has said about it being something produced from one end or the other of a bird. Looking at the scenes in general, there was no "point source" of light - the benches at ground level don't seem to have produced definite shadows - just dark areas...
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    Are landing mats causing a problem with drone compass calibration?

    Sorry for the delay in a reply. The problem that is being discussed is around the effect on the compass calibration of a drone caused by the presence of a steel, circular ring around the edge of a landing mat.
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    Are landing mats causing a problem with drone compass calibration?

    Been reading through the above comments as I have one of the circular "folding" landing mats. I can quite understand how all of the problems arise. My mat has 4 fabric loops and was provided with four plastic pegs with which to peg it down. I don't often use them as the mat is fairly stable at...
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    New pilot from Rotherham

    Hi AlanStockyard - welcome from a mile of two outside Yorkshire
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    Short footage of my area, Nottingham City on Lockdown

    Tydrones, you've got me puzzled - at about 21 seconds there's a round building. Where is it? I know Nottingham a little - but not that well, considering that I live near the other end of the Robin Hood line near Worksop.
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    Hi from Leicestershire uk

    Hello Peter, I'm sorry to hear that your phantom won't take off. I'm sure that someone in here will be able to help you. You live in an interesting part ofEngland - I used to visit fairly often when I worked as there were a number of brickworks down there that I was responsible for.
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    Pleasure Beach Skegness

    Nice to see a bit about Skegness from the air! I've only been once - when I was about 5 in 1953, when I was staying in Mablethorpe and Mum & Dad took me down to Skeggy to meet up with our neighbour who were staying at the Miners holiday camp - it was, after all, "pit fortnight" and most of the...
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    Scanning the fields........

    Good for you Cheddarman! Keeping other animals safe if you spot them whilst flying is the main thing, so I applaud you and the farmer. You, like me appear to live in a nice agricultural part of the UK.
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    Hi. I’m a newbie from Nottingham, UK.

    Hi Dozzle, welcome to the group. There's loads of useful info on here, so just browse around. I'm from a few miles N of you - near the top end of Robin Hood line. Just enjoy flying!!
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    Bolsover castle Phantom 4.

    This video of Bolsover has appeared on here before - Dec 16th last year. My remarks of last time still apply:- Dec 17, 2018 Add bookmark...
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    Something different?

    A different view on the world . . . And I found it fascinating! Thanks :)
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    Sensible new laws in the UK

    Going back to the 1950's, when I was a little boy, I remember that the Vulcans from RAF Finningley (Now Robin Hood airport) could fly low on certain days of the week. I have strong recollections of seeing them so low that I could see the rivets on the fuselage and wings. Something that always...
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    Wedge-tails take out multiple UAVs

    Just as Homo Sapiens set up "No Fly Zones", why can't eagles have them? ;)
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    Bolsover castle, Phantom 4

    I've known Matt for a number of years and been on a couple of his courses - excavating the site down Whitwell Wood and also the project to get more info about the possibility of Elmton being of Medieval roots.
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    Bolsover castle, Phantom 4

    Yes, Bowser is an interesting place. (Oops!! - Should read Bolsover - they're not locals on here). I'm always cautions about flying near to English Heritage sites, but you've got some nice shots of the main castle there. Did you know of the ditch/embankments that exist to the NE and SE of the...