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    Phantom Tipping

    "ChrisMohrSr"]If I take off too slowly my Phantom has a tendency to tip forward a bit. Why is that? Take off in Atti mode & give it heaps, if you have the centered throttle, max it out then let the stick go once off the ground, flick to gps mode. Works for me
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    phantom clone?

    Any one know anything about these?? a Clone? can take 2x2200 batteries ... 3cd67c5995
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    Phantom Lost & Found. What went wrong?

    Looks like more pilot errors as you've noted mate, it was coming back when it had to land due to low battery which looking at your time line is about right with gimble & wind I think,maybe? Glad you got it back, I've still got one missing, pilot error as I had it way up taking photos while doing...
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    Media coverage of Texas "drone" law

    Here, you can ignore private property & do what you like, apparently :?: ... on/4921814 I wonder if the same defence would work with nudist beaches & protecting the rights of Non-siliconed chest Puppies :shock:
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    Toliet Bowl GPS hover fix, fixed mine, now rock steady

    When you have found out how far east or west you need to go, then loosen your compass, and turn it around so it will match the magnetic declination angle. Denodan, The compass looks as it is shaped to fit on the leg only one way? How did you overcome this? Cheers
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    She's gone... Yep, another fly away. (UPDATE: FOUND!!)

    I'm almost 95% certain this was due to the compass. The evening before I had swapped out the landing skids for some carbon fiber ones and "Maikels" landing kit. The compass had to be refitted and even though I did an IMU advanced setup, I suspect it wasn't enough. I should have done a compass...
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    phantoms are tough

    Just Flying. No FPV , flying gps mode across the paddock until 1000's of geese engulf the phantom, wait till they clear, can't see it, till i notice blinking lights on the ground, walk, put it in the air again & repeat, but when it dissapears next in the swarm, keep the throttle on. Glad we...
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    phantoms are tough

    with flips in GPS mode
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    Please Help With Phantom Start Up

    G'day E, Unfortunately I'm one of the few Aussies that don't drink or Facebook, but well done on getting my country-man flying. Was it that Receiver PPM trick or gremlins?
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    Slow flashing yellow.

    Hey Snorkle, have you started here? ... oneFly.pdf
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    Please Help With Phantom Start Up

    Hey Bud, You get it sorted? I'm up the Kimberleys, yell out if you still need a hand, but edunwody was giving you some good advice.
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    Phantom won't respond to controller...

    Hey hwarolin, after the update just check that the receiver setting hasn't switched to d-bus or other it should be PPM as mentioned in a few posts now, an easy check although after a crash may be completely diff. problem. Cheers
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    Change TX to PPM if it's not working

    G'day Fdnyfish, I'm with you bud, a mate of mine couldn't wait for me to help him with his setup, when I got there he was having a sook about waste of money, blah, blah. He was having the dramas described in > Upgrade? No, downgrade... Postby PostalProductions » Sat Aug 10, 2013 10:35 am I just...