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    battery issues ?

    Hey guys, Did any of you experience weird problem with phantom 2 (or even vision) with battery ? I have Phantom 2, was flying allright, but then almost had a crash. My battery was 97% when I started with my fpv glasses, was flying around and then.. something interesting happened. When I hit...
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    Phantom 2 FPV Reccomendations?

    best review I've seen for 5.8GHz FPV systems by my favorite RCModelReviews ! :-) RCModelReviews, if you're reading it I'm your biggest fan ! Keep doing your videos, please! Awesome work :-)
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    Good $50-ish quadcopter for 12 year old?

    definitely Syma-X1. Impossible to break. I went up 20 meters once and wind flipped it over. It went down straight down and all what I was not able to do anything about it (except lowering the throttle). It hit the ground (grass). I've picked it up, pushed back battery to the slot and was able to...
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    More powerfull repeater?

    Re: 5x Increase on FPV Range for Phantom 2 Vision I have very small modification so far, but preparing to have better boost soon. I've extended TX only using one of these antennas I had: ... 00DMJI9TA/ . Slight improvement in range. I'm thinking about...
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    More powerfull repeater?

    Re: 5x Increase on FPV Range for Phantom 2 Vision Well done Adam ! In my setup I'm losing TX first before FPV. I guess congestion on 5GHz is quite high in my area. Did you extend your 5GHz with some additional antenna ?
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    More powerfull repeater?

    This is really interesting concept. This belong to Jason Lee. I didn't compile PDF. I do not know if it's working well, BUT it's worth trying I guess ! Great idea ! EDIT: I'm adding it as set of jpg's, as I wasn't able to upload it as PDF (forum rules).
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    PV Image Quality, and Techniques For Panorama Stiching

    Thanks for the info Chuggie ! Also, not sure if you guys saw this link already: ... otography/ Adobe explains everything. You can see and hear a lot of useful tips there. Highly recommended.
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    More powerfull repeater?

    LOL, is that a joke ? Do you know what community like this is ? Either share or disappear and do not ever come back.
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    More powerfull repeater?

    appreciated. What's your setup ? Can you post some pictures + settings you've used ? What 5Ghz antenna you have used (omni or yagi?) and did you use different 2.4GHz repeater ? or panel/yagi antenna ?
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    More powerfull repeater?

    @Madman and @julio8442: did you guys receive your antenna from amazon ? what are the results on your side ? do you have similar range as uncle fester ? @uncle fester: did you have a chance to upload your video somewhere ? :-)