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    Hi All, I have a P4P and operate it with Samsung galaxy S5. Can I zoom in to take photos ??
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    SOLD!!: For sale. Pristine Phantom 4 Pro v2.0 and much (much) more

    Hi TheKestrel Would you consider selling the batteries separately ??
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    -----SOLD----- Phantom 4 Pro low hours excellent condition!

    Where is the drone located ?? What is your lowest price ?? $$
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    -----SOLD----- Phantom 4 Pro low hours excellent condition!

    Hi Anmetcalf, Just noticed this post. Is the P4P still for sale ?? Phil
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    Can someone tell me if P4P & samsung are compatible ?? I purchased a new P4P and have been flying it but unable to view flight on screen with either my Samsung Galaxy S5 or tablet S8. I have benn advised a few thing with no luck. I have called both DJI & supplier and they are now telling me...
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    Camera & Battery

    Hello All I am a bewbee to the drone game. I purchased a P4 and have been flying but having trouble with displaying flight on my tablet ?? Also the flight intelligent battery gets quite hot in a short space of time .. any suggestions ???