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    Ahh the beauty of Sewage Treatment plants

    I think your preposition is off. It isn't near the is now in the river.
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    Ahh the beauty of Sewage Treatment plants

    Well now. Been a couple of weeks. Watched a bunch of videos, CHECK. Read the manuals, CHECK. Kept it on beginner mode for a while. CHECK. Lets take this baby out! My first big trip was to an open area south of the city where nobody ever ever ever goes...and what did I find? This is...
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    Camera quality phantom 4 excellent

    Well, as an almost newby.....few dozen flights now, I have to admit I am scratching my head over the negative comments regarding the photo quality of the new Phantom 4. Perhaps I suffer from low expectations, but it looks pretty darn good to me. Considering there is only a 12 mega pixel...
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    Its Official.......the P4 has made me insane

    My quality is fantastic. My first 4k experience and could never go back. Crystal clear.
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    Tacoma Wa area flyers??

    Montesano / Grays Harbor here
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    New P4 and couldn't be happier with it

    Like most, I lurked, tried to learn as much as possible and finally pulled the trigger. This forum was a great help. If for nothing else than the confidence to soar $1,500 bucks in the air and pray a lot. I only ran into trouble a couple of times. The importance of getting a distance away...
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    Bought my Phantom 4 from best Buy today...

    "My only regret thus far is that I listened to the complaints and haven't purchased one sooner." Couldn't agree more.