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    Back before the FAA...

    Fake - The earth is actually flat. This picture shows that it’s curved 😂
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    My highest flight...

    Don’t have to worry about planes up that high 😉
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    1st 300 ft hover

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    A Short flight over Valentia Lighthouse

    Nice! Loved the soundtrack too 👍
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    New Go4 Update 4.3.29.

    Did it say what the new updates are?
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    Well, so much for trying to limit bans and limits...

    Unless a new drone operator researched the rules and refs there’s not much chance of them knowing what they are doing is wrong. To bad they couldn’t make it so you have to take a short online class about this before you can buy a drone 🤔
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    My New Distance Record with my P3S

    That’s an awesome distance for the P3s 👍 Why not upgrade to a used Mavic pro that can go between 2-3 miles with the stock controller? It’s a lot more fun to fly with an omni directional antenna at 2 miles compared to a directional antenna that you have to keep pointed directly at the drone.
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    Post for found Drone by Linden Michigan

    Found this post in the Facebook market place. Reposted it here just in case it was a member’s drone
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    Saving Cached Phantom Videos to ipad - PLEASE HELP!

    Another thread to unfollow 🙄
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    Editing video

    I am new to editing myself and found iMovie pretty easy to figure out. You can join clips, add sound tracks and captions.
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    FailSafe motor failure firmware from can land drone with only two motors running

    I wonder if the two working props have to be on opposite sides? On a lighter note... I bet it makes hand catching a little harder 😂
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    Can you remove the orange geo-fence overlay?

    Is it possible to remove the orange geo-fence overlay from the satellite view? * I’m not talking about ignoring any flight restrictions for that area * I would just like to have an unobstructed satellite view of the area I’m flying towards.
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    Improving drone flying while in an unsafe zone for the summer.

    Practice dodging and following the planes...
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    iPad 6th Gen 32gb WiFi deal

    Refurbished iPad 6th gen 32gb WiFi $199 at Walmart right now. I just ordered one 👍
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    phantom 3 4K range extender advice help

    My advice is to put that money towards a drone with longer stock range. I put a range extender on my P3 Standard and got an extra mile BUT you have to keep the controller pointed exactly at the drone to get that distance. Any slight movement with the controller will affect your signal strength...