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    Crashed P3A now the aircraft only beeps loudly. Any ideas?

    beeping loudly hmmmm must be in pain lol sorry had to
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    Possessed Phantom 4 Pro

    thats why I wont buy the newer ones , to much new untested programs in them , My Phantom 3 Advance has never given me a problem since i have had it
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    Is a used Phantom 3 Pro still a reasonable purchase?

    nothing wrong with the Mavic pro , love mine it has not flown away like all them new ones do lol
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    Is a used Phantom 3 Pro still a reasonable purchase?

    nothing wrong with the older ones , in my books they are better than the new ones as they keep adding problems to them everytime they come out with a new drone , the keep it simple stupid is gone lol
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    Too close to a cell tower??

    good to know the towers won't fry the circuits in my drone, always wondered about that
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    Do you trust DJI?

    whats stopping you from flying your drone
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    Tablets that will work DJI 4Go

    if your samsung phone works there is no reason their tablet wont work
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    Blue Angels over Detroit - Drone Video

    as my nephew would say but did anyone die
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    Worst drone ever

    if you are talkin about the mavic mini you aint the only one
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    Can't connect P3A to Go App

    mine did that a few times i just deleted the app and reloaded it , but im sure you already did that , good luck and let us know if it gets working
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    Burnt out my drone on first flight

    throw in garbage and get a DJI *Edited by Moderator*
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    NYC Police will be using drones over Times Square during New Years celebration

    get ready for some of them to be sht at lol target pratice , I personally think its a bad idea
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    was wondering about that myself ,,, thanks
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    Need help please

    try a new SD card
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    Lost video feed

    i have had that problem and just deleted the go pilot app and reloaded it and has been working since , has quit twice but is working now