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    Standard Silent Gimbal Dance

    ello all , just a quick question , when firing up my phantom 3 Std, the gimbal dance is now silent instead of all the tweets n beebs that i use to dance along with , anyone else have this problem or just me ? i take it a silent gimbal dance isn't gonna break my phantom :) Thanks
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    Show your photography .

    did you manage to get a pic of The Flying Scotsman the other week ? went over the rail bridge, crackin pic, liking the reflections on the river forth
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    Go App 3.1.3 maps not caching

    Thanks for info Delta Mike, il try this out once i get home, i thought my dji go App had "Here" maps instead of google, could we be running different verions of dji go app ? , thanks for your help
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    Hello from the South of the UK

    just remember to hit the record button Nerak/Karen
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    Hello from the South of the UK

    welcome to the forum Nerak , im from the North East of bonnie Scotland so dont know of any nice spots to fly down your way , take a trip out to the countryside ? :) someone will hopefully be along shortly with a checklist , it certainly helps Njoy your droning :)
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    Flying at very low altitudes near airports

    Tower this is Ghost Rider requesting a fly by ..
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    Night exposure shot - Give your comments

    liking the light trails , good photo
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    Custom Tablet mount

    good effort :) weight like a champagne bottle ? ... or takes it like a champion :)
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    Heir to the Drone

    Well another near miss in the UK Drone almost hits Prince William's helicopter in near-miss | Daily Mail Online
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    WANTED: Phantom 3 Standard battery!

    Now its upto £124 !!!!
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    Proximity flying at Old Stone Church - how close do you fly ?

    GEEZ CLOSE promixity or what down that chimney :)) amazing flying
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    Big day for my psyche

    small steps my friend, good pic, confidence will build with every flight , I still suffer from vertigo when I look at the view on the tablet from the hovering drone 50ft up ! its a learning curve ,but well worth it with patience, time and commitment #HaveTheFaith
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    Standard prop guards

    Prop guards do work for me on the standard , the only thing i noticed when editing on video there were a few instances where they came into video shot, that was because i throttled forward the drone dipped slightly meaning the tip of the guards came into video shot , apart from smoother flying...
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    Protective covers

    Afternoon Droners, Does anyone fly their Phantom 3 standard with a "clear" plastic cover over the camera to prevent the expensive camera lens getting scratched, insect splatters etc while in flight , if so where did they source them (Uk if possible) Thanks The Drone Ranger
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    IMU warming up issue

    Would using the wifes hairdryer on a cold air setting work also ? thanks for video msinger