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    Bought a phantom 3, destroyed in 2 hours later - next steps?

    Sounds like you need a set of instructions and more stick time...............
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    CA. Bill 142 to make it a crime to fly over private property....

    Ah, California. Like a breakfast cereal, whatever isn't fruit or nuts is flakes. Don't know about you, but over my 2 acres, I have the legal authority in Utah to deal with invasive threats, be they live or mechanical. I have a Remington 800 with #4 shot that will put an end to anyone's belief...
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    Police visited me today 1 day after buying Phantom 3

    The donut shop didn't have the donuts ready yet?
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    First UK prosecution

    A lot of the current brouhaha is unwarranted, and is excessive legislation and hysteria. Now, for the small part that is warranted ....... Selfish idiots fly these things and hurt people. Anyone can buy one. I don't want to be standing at a game, having paid big money for a ticket, and get...
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    Which controller to buy?

    My assortment of small controllers that come with the RTF models is growing. And I am ready to go to a larger bird. I am looking at the Blade: 120SR, 200sr, 360, and 450. I am also saving for a P3. That being said, I want to buy a controller that will cover all these, plus maybe a model or...
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    How much to charge?

    The better part of any good photograper's trade is timing and discretion. I do not know what the FAA, or government designates private property as, and I think that flying over same at a VERY low altitude plane wise would not be an issue. But since the gummint regulates all things on, over...
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    How many gimbals do I need?

    I see Zenmuse gimbals mentioned. Explain?
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    How many gimbals do I need?

    Thanks, bbfpv and all. You have stated a clear understandable answer. It is daunting sometimes making sense of multiple descriptions of the same thing. What I am trying to do is research what I want, how I want it, and not be changing things soon after getting one. I do understand it...
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    How many gimbals do I need?

    I have been accused of being confused, but nothing was ever proven in court. Yes, I can see that the P3 comes with a gimbal, and a camera. But I also see that the cameras and gimbels appear to be of different types. I was looking for clarification. Perhaps the "stock" camera isn't as good as...
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    How many gimbals do I need?

    I am saving for a P3. I want it ready to roll, have optimum performance, and I've budgeted about $1800. Which camera and which gimbel assembly/manufacturer am I looking for? To be used in breezy southern Utah. Short narratives appreciated. I understand gimbals from years on the sea, just...
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    Has anyone ever sent your bird out as far as it can go letting the RTH feature kick in?

    Here locally in Utah, some guys bought four. $7k total. Three flew away, and one is in Lake Powell. Priceless.
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    Newbie needs advice

    I am a new heli pilot. I guess I have 50 hours flying, but all helis. I can do a lot of things indoors in a big place. I am new, but not totally. I have three helis, and have only broken one in the last three months. I want to get a quad, and try to make some money. Or just use it for my...