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    Extreme Gimbal Tilt on Yaw

    It's since p3 that we all expect a firmware update that solve this problem. If they sort it out, 3 gen were needed, not few weeks.
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    Phantom 3 Advanced range

    Video bitrate on P3A is 60mbit as well
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    Gimbal horizon tilt and drift issues

    It s the same issue on all phantoms, no way to fix it.
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    Pro allows pictures to be taken while video is recording!!!

    I dont think so cause the pic will be at the res you're recording so most people and most of the time youll continue to take pic separately as done with actual phatoms to take all the advantages of the 20mbits sensor.
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    Help! - Gone nuts; got dizzy and flew into a mountain

    Clearly a pilot error. You'll never find a machine that would avoid that if not the newer phantoms/mavic that have collision sensors. Moreover with a whatever else drone you couldn't have flew so far.
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    I Can't Say Much But... LOOK!

    For me is a no sense choice to make another forum. It was better as it is now.
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    AFAIK is 1.7.x, I'm on 1.6.4 and I've never been stopped by a NFZ.
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    P3A or Autel Robotics X-Star?

    I've never seen something more carbon copy than this...DJI should denunce them for copyright infringement.
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    DJI Go Android v2.90 a disaster again!

    Here DJI GO APK Download - Free Media & Video APP for Android | Or here Go download app - Jogjasky
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    I am the only one waiting for a new FW?

    Still happy with 1.6.40 and absolutely no need to update
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    DJI Go Android v2.90 a disaster again!

    1st Find a version that works well like I've done 2nd Do not update 3rd Fly happy Same for the firmware.
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    I've lost my P3 ADV and I don't know why

    I know that you didn't move from the take off point but dynamic home point work with your phone/tablet positioning system. If for example your device has positioning issues for a while it send wrong data to the phantom and then if the phantom loose signal it will go lost...imo the mistake is...
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    I've lost my P3 ADV and I don't know why

    No i mean last recorded because you, imo wrongly, decided to use dynamic home point and my opinion is that the phantom could have come back to the wrong place...that is a possibility
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    I've lost my P3 ADV and I don't know why

    The last home point recorded in the log is correct?
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    Bird/bat strike

    I don't know how you can be so sure that they'll not hit your bird...i know only that from one they become many and scream loud continuously flying always closer to my bird with legs like they would try to catch it. And more time goes more seagulls arrives. I don't know if it depends of that...