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    Do not engage Google Assistant whilst flying your Mavic 2 or your Phantom 4 Pro V2.0.4

    Where you using any automated flight modes at the time you used GA? These are the only times the DJI G O4 is controlling the AC and not from the RC. Any other times, AC gets flight commands rom RC regardless of the status of the GO app or whatever is happening to the mobile device.
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    Canada makes it difficult for non citizens to Fly drone

    Does this law apply when you are flying on private lands that you have permission to fly.
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    Drones approved by Transport Canada

    What would be the criteria for making it to the list of approved drones for transport? I would put on top of the list its safety feautures. Most DJI drones share the same safety feautures so most would get into the list of approved drones.
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    Hello world

    Welcome to the forum new member. Check with phantomwetsuits, an approved vendor on the forum.
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    Weird battery problem - PH4-5870mAh battery

    Try discharging it to zero and recharge using DJI charger. I read somewhere here that doing so initializes battery. It is what I do when I see significant voltage variance between cells on my P4P batteries. I did it once on my 1 year old batteries.
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    Flying drone near cell tower

    Transmission between AC and RC transmission will be my concern when flying close to a transmission tower. What kind of tower causes GPS problems? Dont planes use GPS too? Ken Heron have youtube videos on flight around some towers.
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    Can it fly without compass?

    Compass error before take off will not let you start motor. Tested this awhile back with P4P obsidian and a magnetic ipad case as a takeoff point. I did not however tested it with the ATTI switch on before take off. It will not work is my guess even if ATTi is switched on because it will go...
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    Attention: We will have to EXTERNALLY mark all aircraft with Reg #

    Inside battery compartment was never an option for me. It gets hot in there and label has tendency to peel off. I dont want the chance of getting label getting between battery and AC contact points.
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    Attention: We will have to EXTERNALLY mark all aircraft with Reg #

    When I registered with the FAA over a year ago and issued me my number, it said to put number on the outside of drone with suggested places to put them. The only thing new here is the mandatory part which I just assumed it was already when I registered.
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    Drone would not move in air. Would only hover. Only at 1% battery did anything happen???????????

    I set my C1 key for narrow sensing so when AC get stuck from obstacle sensing, it just a matter of a key press and stick movement to get out. I use same technique when hand catching.
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    Interference Monitoring

    DJI GO4 app under the HD option shows you transmission channel status.
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    Will P4Pro get Waypoint 2.0 (like the Mavic Pro)?

    I cant think of any reason why they cant implement this to all there drones other than marketing strategy. DJI GS Pro works on most of there drones. We will see this on our phantoms too. It better not be just for phantom 5 or I will be pissed.
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    Do you guys know when it actually updates the counter? Does it update the counter when battery reaches 100%? This is my guess. I always charge my battery to 50% and top it off when I go out flying. It does not count this as 2 battery charges.