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    Phantom & Arris CM2000 $800 Pay Pay US only

    Details here . . . ... st25974506
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    Phantom GPS/Compass Upgrade

    Was thinking of putting it above the shell like of my 550. Would that work?
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    Phantom GPS/Compass Upgrade

    Thinking of moving my Phantom electronics to a Tarot 650. Already have upgraded Tiger Motors, will add 30A Escs and was wondering if this would work with my current Naza-M V2? It appears to offer better control than the current GPS/Compass setup. DJI Naza M V2 GPS/Compass -...
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    Show off your CUSTOM, MODIFIED, TRICKED OUT Phantoms

    This is mine. batteries hanging off the back, screen door for cooling, Arris gimbal (soon to be replaced with a Beholder)
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    3.16 Firmware update issue

    As suggested I did the compass dance and all is swell again. Interestingly, DJI Colin dances clockwise, and the manual shows CCW. I've always done CCW, and it worked today. Then I plugged her in and did an immediate advanced calibration and everything is okay including the IOC. For those...
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    3.16 Firmware update issue

    Question with the 3.16 upgrade. It seemed to go well, and I've reset all my parameters, but the IOC won't stay on. I can see the movement (X2) when I hit the switch on the TX, but when I look at the IOC screen nothing moves., and when I switch back to the view screen, it shows the IOC as off...
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    Naza Gain Advanced tab - 2.14Update

    Anyone have a definitive explanation of this new advanced tab?
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    Firmware 3.14 upgrade - CreateProcess Failed: code 740?

    Think I figured it out. When I downloaded and updated the Naza software, I opened up the older version of Naza Assistant. Once I realized that it had created a new version of Naza Assistant and opened it, it worked fine. It keep the old settings I had as well. I did re-calibrate the IMU and did...
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    Firmware 3.14 upgrade - CreateProcess Failed: code 740?

    I tried updating my firmware to 3.14 from 3.12. I downloaded the zip file and ran the upgrade but when I opened Naza,it said it failed and is still showing 3.12. Anyone get a CreateProcess Failed: code 740? Looked on the DJI site and made sure I had the proper drivers.
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    GPS flying suddenly started wandering a lot.

    Look at this suggestion from another reply. May help. viewtopic.php?f=5&t=82&start=10
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    Phalty Phantom Promptly Replaced by Red Rocket

    My first Phantom would never hover, nor would it spin 360, in place. After endless adjustments and tests and re-tests. Same results. Called Don, at Red Rockets, and sent him my Naza screen captures, he agreed. So I sent it back for a new replacement. Put the new one together today, ran it...
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    Phantom Landing Gear Simple Solution

    Not with Hero 3, in 1080 medium. Also bent out the legs to 45o for more of a wider stance for landing without tipping.
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    Phantom Landing Gear Simple Solution

    Not sure but about the same weight as pool noodles.
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    Phantom Landing Gear Simple Solution

    I tried a couple of aftermarket landing gears for the Phantom, none really did it for me. All I wanted was a bit more stability and a little height to allow me to use my GoPro case/w damper, without hitting the ground. Then a friend was curling her hair and it happened. For less the $10, went to...
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    DJI Phantom 360 degree turn on axis while in hover

    Maybe you're right. I'll wait for a calm day and give it a go. I watched his video closely and I think I saw he was compensating with the other stick. I know he's an expert heli pilot. Thanks again for you reply.