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    My P4P falls to the left on take-off

    From the OP, hermitdog regarding subject: The diagnosis was that the left-front motor and/or the ESC circuitry to that motor was/were faulty. Both were replaced.
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    My Phantom 4 PRO flew away - Please help

    I for one am glad there are those on this forum who are willing to take time out of there day to evaluate the technical data as they see it and pass there findings along. How the information is accepted however is another thing altogether. The manner in which DJI obtains the data and interprets...
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    My P4P falls to the left on take-off

    hermitdog, I wanted to simply congratulate you on the excellent way you have described the issues you were experiencing, and your followup interaction with Fly Dawg arriving at the conclusions you have, which by the way appear to be very logical. Although relatively new to the forum, you appear...
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    What am I doing wrong?

    I'm thinking it would be a whole lot better if DJI hadn't advertised such extended flight distances. Some folks are bound to test their models based on such info. if for no other reason than to challenge claims made the manufacturer. The OP may very well be an example of such activity, plain and...
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    Can a GL300L be linked to a p4p

    In addition to what has already been mentioned, you may also want to Google - OcuSync, there is quite a bit of information/Specs. regarding both OcuSync, as well as the Dji Lightbridge system. Prompting a question to the Google site can quite often source many such questions as well. : )
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    Battery Die?

    Thanks much, Fly Dawg, spirytus. Fortunately, I personally haven't found the need to evaluate any such data YET, but certainly appreciate those who have repeatedly taken the time to research the various data offered by the not so fortunate, and post there thoughts and results of there findings...
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    Battery Die?

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    Battery Die?

    Hello Fly Dawg, What sort of converter application would you suggest to best read the uploaded .dat file when using Windows? I see from a google search there are several which may be used to convert to various applications and was curious what you may have found works well to accomplish the...
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    Stress crack repair?

    I would think the baking soda and some quick drying Super Glue, either ( methyl-cyanoacrylate or ethyl-cyanoacrylate would be the least evasive application. Provides a very strong bond which can ultimately be sanded to a nice smooth surface with little effort. Simply build up the fracture area...
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    File numbering silliness

    Sometimes, it's all about the thought process involved. They simply may not be marching to to beat of the same drum there at the manufacturer. Maybe a suggestion on the DJI Forum may be better suited for making a change. ;)
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    P4P Orientation on DJI Go4 App Incorrect

    I agree, and merely mentioned what had been suggested by others as a possible solution to the issue at had. I further mention that neither of the suggestions provided were personally successful. Realizing the possibility of the OP concern to be something perhaps related to the model itself, was...
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    P4P Orientation on DJI Go4 App Incorrect

    I believe this concern is difficult to understand because of its rarity. Having said that, It's probably a bit easier for me to understand the OP, having experienced this very same issue. In essence " the triangular radar icon is not in sync with the flight path of the model". In my case it has...
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    This isn't normal, or is it?

    I would have to simply say the model doesn't appear to operate like new, or as it should for that matter, although I've heard of instances where a slight whistling may occur from the motor, the sounds produced by your model appear much more prevalent for sure. Might be best to contact DJI for...