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    Air Travel with the Phantom Series Multifunctional Backpack?

    Anyone have experience with air travel with the hardshell backpack from DJI? Buy Phantom Series Multifunctional Backpack - DJI Store The dimensions seem to fit, and airline regulations have most likely been something they've looked closely at in this case, but is there something else to...
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    P4 Pro plus controller

    Is the P4Pro plus controller (the one with the integrated screen) compatible with all types of P4 drones? Am contemplating getting a plus controller as an extra backup for my regular P4Pro and I suppose the only difference is in the controller itself. Anything to consider when switching controllers?
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    iPad advice

    I got the iPad pro 10.5 to be able to show and edit 4K material on site without much hassle and headache. iPad Mini is ok if it's only for flying purposes. A8 chip is getting dated. I myself got an extra battery instead of a Cellular model. Couldn't really justify the price premium in this one...
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    Tried out a Galaxy Tab A 10.1 yesterday and it worked fine. Screen is not quite bright enough for sunny conditions, though, even with a regular sun shade. Will be getting a iPad Pro 10.5 in a couple of days. BTW, the Android version of DJI GO 4 seems to be much more stable now than last time I...
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    Are you making a living doing aerial photography?

    I think you'll be successful if you're good. I see so much pure cr*p coming out of some "aerial photographers" that claim that they are "professionals". Just taking a bird up and pressing record doesn't really cut it anymore and clients are (hopefully) getting more aware of things such as why...
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    Ideas for a Phantom 4 wreck

    I just had a closer look at the wreck and the first part of the gimbal might actually be still salvageable. What am I missing here (besides the camera, obviously) to make this (perhaps) work? I could start digging into schematics, but if someone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated...
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    Ideas for a Phantom 4 wreck

    The guy was flying it from a car with severe connection problems
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    possible faulty GPS mavic air replacement and dji care runs on without having a mavic air

    Sounds like the Care system is not designed for customers that have problems with their drones...
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    Ideas for a Phantom 4 wreck

    Yes, that's a bit much when the whole drone package is not that much more. And then you get a new drone with warranty etc. 100-200 perhaps, but 360, nono... For some reason I've seen several Mavic gimbals with cameras in the second hand market, but not really for the P4's...
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    Ideas for a Phantom 4 wreck

    I picked up a wrecked P4 that had been flown into a cliff. It still flies well, but as the gimbal is totally messed up and the camera gone = no live view. I really bought it just for the extra batteries that were included along with the one battery that had been in the crash and all batteries...
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    Phantom 4 pro indoor filming

    Thanks for the input. Any idea on what kind of battery life you can expect when not flying at all (but filming most of the time). Are we talking well over an hour or even two on one charge? I would guess that it should last quite long as the motors obviously account for the majority of the...
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    Phantom 4 pro indoor filming

    I looked through the forums and noticed that this was discussed a bit back in 2016, but do you guys have new experiences about using the P4P indoors? I have a project coming up and I'm pondering what equipment to get for it. As it will involve at least some shots that I'll make with the P4P I'm...
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    Mounting the Gear 360 Camera to a Phantom

    Isn't there an auto correct angle in the settings of the app? At least I remember there should be an option for this so that it corrects it automatically, but it's a while since I used it and don't have my Gear 360 anymore...
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    iPad Pro 10.5" + P4P = Perfect Combo

    I had a couple of hiccups with my Android phone to start looking at the "fruit option" for added stability. I was always able to get the bird back, but it's not very reassuring to have the app crash and disconnect from the drone several times without no reason. The main reason for getting a...
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    iPad Pro 10.5" + P4P = Perfect Combo

    So you can't take off without logging in? I have only used my phone, (and now it's too cold to test) so I have never even thought of trying.