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    fc40 electronics transfer

    anybody try to transfer the electronics to a dead cat style frame? Any other frame for that matter?
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    fc40 camera app

    Yes I do live in Michigan but there are a lot ships and Captain's here! The same thing happened to mine! now I have it back and am trying to get it working again. I have been going on an altered course though. I know the camera is a Rollei and am looking for an app from that company. I...
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    fc40 camera app

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    fc40 camera app

    Thanks for the reply! I have the app on an old tablet and old Samsung phone. Was trying to put it on a galaxy 3 note and saw it's not available any longer from dji. Pretty crapoy if you ask me!
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    fc40 camera app

    What app can I download for the fc 40 Camera? the orig. is not available. Android please
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    third party remote/transmitter for Phantom FC40

    If you find a 5.8 mhz xmitter let me know. buy a used fc40 xmitter on Ebay
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    DJI FC40 Flip

    Try it without the camera once......then you can rule out balance.
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    Fpv help

    There are some go pro clones on amazom for cheap
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    Help P330 V1.2

    Mine has two.
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    Cameras and gimbals

    Cheapy chinese. 45 dalla
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    How to attach a lanyard to the go pro

    I have a Go Pro 3+ that I use on both my phantom and plane but I have decided to use a lanyard. My question is how do you connect it to the fracking camera! Guidance please!
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    Help P330 V1.2

    Make sure to let us know how this is resolved so we can help others!
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    Help P330 V1.2

    The only way to know for sure is to open the phantom and confirm what kind of receiver is in there. There are multiple possible receivers that can be used. Your best bet is to get help from a local hobby shop.
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    Help P330 V1.2

    They only look the same.
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    Help P330 V1.2

    No. The P1 is 2.4 ghz and the fc 40 is 5.8 ghz