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    Gimbal problem ....

    My gimble started to act violently. Is that a firmware error? But i hadnt updated recently. Because i have the latest one.
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    Flying without gimble and camera

    Is it ok to fly my standard without gimble and the camera? Any risk? Thank you
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    Gimble issue. Please help!!!

    Hii pilots, there is a problem with my gimble. It acts so weirdly. But in some time, it works fine. I checked the grub screw. Check the alignment near esc board. They are fine. Please check the video below. Thank you
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    Gimble issue

    Hii guys, there is an issue with my aircraft's gimble. When I turn on the unit gimble acts weirdly. I always have to restart the drone. Some time I have to give a little push to calibrate the gimble otherwise no image transmission kicks out. Never crashed before. I ll upload two videos. Hope you...
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    Camera issue (dancing problem)

    Yes i tight this screw. Also i cleaned the ribbon. I am gonna check it. :)))) hope this ll work
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    Camera issue (dancing problem)

    Actually, its not the startup gimble calibrate. Just like this
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    Two standards flew together

    Great. You are correct. Added some color effects via primier pro. Next time we have to reduce sensitivity. As you can see the movements were fast.
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    Camera issue (dancing problem)

    Hii when I turn on my Ac, suddenly the camera started to dance. Not looking up and down, it started to act like crazy. Then I restarted the aircraft. Again while compass calibrating this happened again. After that, I restarted the unit and calibrate the seems like ok now. My friend...
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    Home lock

    Thank you and I haven't noted the speed.
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    Home lock

    Thank you. I had to update the home lock direction time to time. Otherwise no problem. 1900 meters tested :)))
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    RTH Failed

    I saw your post on facebook. You have to post your flight record and i noted you had posted a screen shot of your flight record as well. You better post them here.
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    Home lock

    Is it ok to use home lock when flying long distances?
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    RTH standard vs advance

    Lol man. Thats why i trust this forum than facebook. Thats the reason i asked from you guys.
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    RTH standard vs advance

    It's on phantom 3 standard page (face book).
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    RTH standard vs advance

    Hello, heard some people say phantom 3 standard has more RTH failure cases than advance or pro. Is this true?