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    So let me tell you a story...a Phantom story.

    DJI does not give a crap if "DJI authorized dealers " are selling used and abused crap. I went thru hell with DJI warranty with a crashed P3P and case broken RC. I was informed the air craft was crashed and so they would not even look at the RC. Informing them that the authorized dealer was...
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    HDMI module

    Find a android tablet with a hdmi out port. It is cheaper and more reliable than the dji module. Sorry I ended up destroying dji junk so I cannot return it.
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    Local City banning hobby drones to their own backyard.

    New Jersey has some good points. It has roads leading out of it. It also sucks so hard it keeps California from falling in the ocean.
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    Why the big secret about "Deserializer Disconnected"???

    I was on a trip from Tooele Utah to Reno Nevada, ironically for a Drones in Search and Rescue Symposium. Planning to take my Phantom 3 Advanced with me, I suddenly was hit with this mystery problem that DJI is keeping a big secret. Extensive research finds only that I can't find squat on this...
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    A technical term from my days in the Army is BOHICA. Bend over, here it comes again! Ben thar, dun dat, got no t-shart!
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    Bird Scaring Tactic

    I have retired from the military satellite communications after 35 years of running like hell to stay current with the technology. Went from a private to protocol of a Lt. Col. Have returned to the West Desert of Tooele County Utah. Did 4 tours for 17 years in Frederick. Too bad we can't...
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    Bird Scaring Tactic

    Fort Detrick Maryland is under the Eastern Seaboard Flyway. We had 4 each 60 foot satellite antenna's, white in color. Also the Telecommunications building was a ginormous heat island. Some birds, mostly starlings, decided to stay year round. The satellite antenna's being white, warmed up in...
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    Simple GPS tracker (USA) for under $100? sells a UAV Locator for $149.99 which seams high but the monthly subscription is only $5.00 You call a phone number and in a few minutes you get the lat-long of where your drone is at, and Google Maps picture of the location. There is also an international version. I am happy...
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    Terrain Avoidance Apps

    One of my concerns in using my Phantoms for Search and Rescue is setting up a search grid in Drone Deploy or other app is running my drone into the ground while searching the grid. Since we know our drones do not fly for very long at points below ground level (props, gimbals, cameras, etc.) do...
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    Wasatch Front Users

    I am in Tooele and interested in flying once it warms up. I need to get help in mapping software as I am in Search and Rescue. Sent from my iPad using PhantomPilots
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    DJI forces us to take the GO update v3.1.3 [Android].

    Just got a IPad 4. Needed to download maps in the West Desert of Tooele county Utah. Cellular Sprint will activate tomorrow. Now no Google maps. Defeats purpose. Is there any way to save google maps with topo to use in field. This's for search and rescue. Sent from my iPad using PhantomPilots
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    DJI Go secretly disabled overnight

    Another reason I will not buy another drone from these a**holes. I only will buy parts to keep what I have going. Sent from my Lenovo TB-X103F using PhantomPilots mobile app
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    What is the largest thing you have flown? (real or model)

    I did not really get to fly this due to separation of responsibilities. I was the Operations Analyst at the Defense Satellite Communications System Operations Center (DSCSOC) at Fort Detrick Maryland. My controllers did all the telemetry analysis and commanding of the communications payload of...
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    Have any drones ever been struck by lightning?

    Been in One years ago. Heavy snow blowing sideways. The lightning strikes lit the sky up 360 degrees. It was cool, but I needed to be somewhere but was afraid to go outsize. Sent from my iPad using PhantomPilots