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    What's the issue with P4 batteries?

    my DJI P4P+ (new Jan 2017) battery swelled after 3 years; a pin prick ended swelling & gave me an additional year & then it wouldn't charge; I had kept it constantly fully charged from the start; my new (2021) DJI battery drains naturally after each use; will it matter -- IDK...
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    implosion sites (US) are they automatically no-fly zones

    P4P+ hobbyist; implosion of Deauville Hotel Nov 13, didn't attend but just photographed beginning of clean-up; are implosions no-fly zones or is it case by case? or generally never unless some other overriding factor e.g., close to airport, etc.? thanks in advance
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    First crash

    please describe cause & conditions related to crash
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    Area's in Manhatten where drones aren't allowed

    Manhattan NYC, no. Manhattan KS, yes.
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    Those birds mimicking my P4P V2 Thailand

    its similar, not perfect
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    Potential National Parks loophole?

    best to have national park's own maps when determining true borders, IMO; Everglades National Park is bisected by US 41 "Tamiami Trail"; map shows east half of that public road to have JUST a narrow north shoulder ribbon that is NOT part of national park for 30+ miles -- verified with head...
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    lens cap-protector-stabilizer / alternatives to DJI's...?

    ...for P4P+ style lens-gimbal since buying Dec 2016 have broken 6+ "legs" on DJI's lens protectors; one or both "legs" breaks whilst try to snap onto drone legs... just found grocery store plastic ice tea jug cap that fits snugly onto P4P+ lens -- but offers no stabilization of gimbal... :eek...
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    my current hobbyist $5 license expires 12/12/2023, but no test...?

    busywork avoidance syndrome; or is it sindrone... but now done & passed: about B4Ufly app will be downloading & using first time any caveats-advice...? thanks in advance
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    my current hobbyist $5 license expires 12/12/2023, but no test...?

    got my first hobbyist license Jan 2017; then renewed ?couple? years ago when hobbyist licensing procedure was expected to change but no test required... Can I continue without test until 12/12/2023 legally...? LEGALLY, not morally, ethically, or pontificating how easy the test.... thanks in...
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    post here if you're hobbyist & been fined for flying drone

    we've all heard about "speed traps" the purpose of this thread is to identify "drone traps"
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    post here if you're hobbyist & been fined for flying drone

    this thread prompted by other thread with link to local FL hobbyist restrictions; some listed fines, e.g., $200 - $400 what's true for FL is NOT JUST true for FL, but for other US states?! some municipalities have reputation for issuing speeding tickets to boost coffers; so am guessing some also...
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    post here if you're hobbyist & been fined for flying drone

    been fined by (US or otherwise) federal, state, county, city, etc. for flying drone as hobbyist? post here with as much specifics as willing (or even told you could be fined by authority but were given warning) TIA
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    camera shutter sound disappeared, then returned

    P4P+ used only to take photos; always set on f4.5 & ISO 100; always check focus by touching screen & getting double beep sound confirmation; always touch screen virtual button & hear pseudo shutter "sliding" sound; BUT THIS MORNING... :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: there was no shutter...
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    draining battery vs wearing down engine

    P4P+ new 2016; lightly used throughout; but kept battery charged all the time; up to take aerial photos, then landing; DJI battery started swelling 2018; pin pricked in 2019, continued using; battery finally gave "bad" message month ago; now with new DJI battery, wondering whether to drain...
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    drone vs. passing powered paraglider

    pulled into public beach parking lot, intending to take couple beach aerials; no horizon views from lot due trees surrounding lot, but open sky overhead; at moment of me exiting vehicle a "quiet" powered paraglider whooshed by partly hidden by tree tops... several minutes later drone took off...