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    For anyone that just passed their Part 107....

    13 months and a few days, I would have forgotten about it by then, and been surprised when it arrived.
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    Another year bites the dust...

    Great video, great job putting it all together! Work is over-rated, especially when you can fly!
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    Drone World Tour in 3 minutes with our new trailer !

    Nice!! I really enjoyed that!!
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    Hello High Altitude

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Southwest Wisconsin, Coulee Region near LaCrosse, WI

    The farm across the road is owned by an elderly couple. They became like our second parents.
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    Southwest Wisconsin, Coulee Region near LaCrosse, WI

    Thanks!! I will give that try, it makes sense, it would be nice to be able to edit it better. If you are referring to the grey house with the white fence, that was our place. It was hard to leave there. But, that is life. Thanks again for the hints and ideas.
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    Southwest Wisconsin, Coulee Region near LaCrosse, WI

    Short video, practicing my skills. Input and ideas gladly excepted. P3P & DaVinci Resolve 16 Beta Thanks!
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    Flight in NW Richland County, WI

    My first drone edited flight near my dad's place in Richland County, WI. I can tell I have a lot to learn yet, so any advice is appreciated. Music by Eric Matyas, P3P and DaVinci Resolve Thanks!
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    One of my favorites

    Love the picture, and unfortunately the mosquitoes are getting ready for spring training. They will be back soon enough. I have been over that bride a number of times, love the area! (Did most of my Private Pilots training at the Lone Rock airport. The bridge was a lot newer back then! Lol)
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    NEW product !! Alien Wet Suits for the Phantom 3 Series Drones now shipping !

    Red and Black - Day flying Neon Blue and Black for flying at Dusk All Black for flying far and in white skies Black and White for fly flying over the water. Do you receive all 4 color schemes for that price or do you pick one color scheme for the order? Thanks!
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    4K footage of top South African university

    I really enjoyed watching this, and listening to the music. (I thought the guys were going to break out into the song "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" ;) ) Great job, hope you post more videos from that part of world.
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    Funny Test Prep "answer"

    Sounds reasonable. Maybe a subliminal message of future policy. Lol
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    Litchi setting? No video

    Thanks again!! I will see what I can figure out on my own now. You guys have been a great help getting me started.
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    Litchi setting? No video

    Thanks!! I did the sequence above, and moved the switch from F to P-GPS. The square in the lower right corner was black until I switched it to P. Now I have this. Thanks guys!! Is there a way to flip the two screens so camera is maximized and map is in the corner?
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    Litchi setting? No video

    Ok, thanks for everyone’s advice. It was raining today so I didn’t try these ideas outside. But I did give it a go in the house without the props on. Ended up with these errors.