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    Retaining Control of our Models & Our Privacy - Mike Mas

    Mike: I 100% agree with you! I saw this coming a while back and have not updated my GO App, Inspire 1 and Phantom 3P, so I am not subject to any restrictions. I feel that it is up to the pilot to follow all safety guidelines and DJI should not be in the business of controlling or monitoring...
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    DJI has abandoned professionals

    I think you are opening a can of worms and some of your information may not be correct. 1. Many aircrafts with no electrical systems such as the Piper J3 Cub are not required to have ADS-B. 2. Aircrafts flying in Class G airspace are not required to have ADS-B. 3. Certified ADS-B units costs...
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    Buzz Feed on best Drone Videos from around the World

    Great Buzzfeed Videos!
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    Update on US Registration

    Came across this post in the Inspire Forum which I thought it is an important update for Phantom owners: FAA Report: Article: This Is How the FAA's Mandatory Drone Registration Program Will Likely Work Original Inspire...
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    Seeing a Drone from an aircraft in a real world application

    I am not sure what you are talking about. There has been tests of companies shooting frozen birds to certain airplane's windscreen to see what happens, but there is no required test that all aircrafts must pass such test. Specially not the case with general aviation aircrafts which are the...
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    Not a conspiracy theory!

    I am not trying to start a conspiracy theory but I am curious on your opinion: When one downloads and installs the DJI GO, the Vision App or just about any 3rd party App using DJI's SDK, you end up registering with DJI. Could DJI then use that information to say that they would not honor the...
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    DRONE PORN: Shock rise in sex pests filming horny Brit couples from the sky

    What point are you making? Do you need to be insulting?
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    How do I fly in a "No Fly Zone" aka "Airport"

    I have been asked to participate by flying the Phantom and answering questions about drones during an Airport Day Fly-In at an airport that is in red in the DJI Map "No Fly Zones". During that day, there will be an antique car show and RC aerobatic demonstrations in addition to the many...
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    BREAKING!!! U.S. Will Require Drones to Be Registered

    I guess the AMA does not want to regulate this on either:
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    BREAKING!!! U.S. Will Require Drones to Be Registered

    Another candidate for registration that the AMA does not want to register:
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    BREAKING!!! U.S. Will Require Drones to Be Registered

    The FAA is taking comments on the registration of UAS as some one else mentioned. There is still time. There was a link that showed that comments were closed but the one below works if not go to and search for: "Clarification of Applicability of Aircraft Registration...
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    BREAKING!!! U.S. Will Require Drones to Be Registered

    Will the FAA / AMA require registration to this RC Helicopter?
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    Drone Pilot License?

    Not sure you have received an direct answer to your question. To make it short, under current rules you do need need to be a FAA certified pilot or hire a FAA certified Pilot to fly a drone commercially. The lowest license that you can get is the Sport Pilot License. Search for Sport Pilot to...
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    BREAKING!!! U.S. Will Require Drones to Be Registered

    Also Agree... I just hope that it stays as a simple registration...