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    Soooo,,,, any one notice this?

    I posted a shot ages ago (cant find it now) of my P4 covered with dead small insects after they swarmed around drone and followed it down till it landed.Was a nice warm summer day.
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    Long drive short flight

    Must be my age 😂 😂😂
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    Long drive short flight

    Thought NZ would have been Metric !
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    Mavic bargain !!

    Australian Hardware Chain Store Bunnings recently advertised a Mavic drone for $298 ! 82 were sold at that price before the error was spotted that it should have been $1298. Lucky buyers were honoured, congrats to store for that , but 5000 0rders (my Sons amongst them) missed out when error...
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    Coal Train

    What's the longest a freight train can be? The record was set on june 21, 2001 in western australia between newman and port headland, a distance of 275km (170 miles) and the train consisted of 682 loaded iron ore wagons and 8 GE AC6000 locomotives giving a gross weight of almost 100,000 tonnes...
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    Go4 update

    Thanks for that, my Tablet only has 1Gb and someone else pointed out elsewhere that new update really needs 2Gb, so will not update, as never had no problems. Fingers crossed !
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    Go4 update

    Just flown P4S for first time in few weeks. Got a notification about new Go4 update available. Is it worth doing. Remember see previous post about other updates saying don't bother unless neccessary.!
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    New DJI product coming May 15th

    Or Sea Eagles....missed me thank goodness.
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    Brightest pad screen

    Thanks, I do use a shade. My Lenovo is normally pretty good, but other day it was quite overcast and bit hard to see, hence enquiry.
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    Brightest pad screen

    Which 8-10 in pad has the brightest screen for use with DJI Go ?
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    During a P4 Std Flight out to Goat Island, Ulverstone , NW Tasmania a Sea Eagle came to check me out. Fortunately did not bother me at all !

    Birds are normally diving or swooping, so full power on climb with some back stick to get far away quickly, then land asap!
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    During a P4 Std Flight out to Goat Island, Ulverstone , NW Tasmania a Sea Eagle came to check me out. Fortunately did not bother me at all !

    Thanks, a Friend saw it coming, so descended quickly and it just circled once and left. In later part of video can see shadow on ground of it departing. Few years ago flying an acrobatic R/C model plane an eagle dived at it, so I did a tight loop and came in behind it, that confused it and...
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    Dji go 4 and Lenovo tab 4 8’, it seems to work

    Been using mine for a few months.No problems.Has a longer battery life than the Samsung 10" I used before (and a lot lighter of course).
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    Gimbal support

    Not had any problems, clear view as in photo. As a experiment the other day I marked my take off spot (HOME POINT) and after flying hit RTH and it landed within 1 Metre of this point ! Pretty good.