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    Reward if found sticker?

    I used a permanent marker pen and wrote my phone number on it with reward if found.... :roll:
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    DJI550. Few jumps - RC cars

    Is the 2000Ah expensive? The Life 1500mAh battery from Hobbyking is real cheap No one has the sliders in the UK :(
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    DJI550. Few jumps - RC cars

    Thats the old style. Are your sliders "ratcheted"? Or did your radio come with the 750mAh battery?? The B version comes with a 2000mAh battery and the sliders are a load better
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    DJI550. Few jumps - RC cars

    I am going to get the new sliders (the ones that come with the B version). They are a lot better than the older ones. Well as soon a T9Hobbysport get them in stock
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    DJI550. Few jumps - RC cars

    Missed the one shot.... Had the Baja fill the FPV screen on one jump BUT hadn't turned the Gopro on GRRRRRR lol
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    DJI550. Few jumps - RC cars

    Using the S2 pot at the mo... Going to change it to the left hand slider for this weekend and see how I get on with that
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    How crazy is this?

    Wasnt meant for you neiloakley..... First post..... :!:
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    Hi all. Am from Newport South Wales. Phantom and 550. One or two usually meet up every Sunday in Cwmcarn.
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    DJI550. Few jumps - RC cars
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    More editing practice...

    Here you go tgrizzle73.................
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    How crazy is this?

    Actually admitting you went over the 400 foot threshold.....tut tut.... This hobby is getting bad credit all the time....really don't need anymore. The CAA/FAA monitor these sites!!
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    Propeller paintjob!

    May want to think about balancing them after as well
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    FrSky Taranis, X8R and the Phantom

    Are you connecting your gimbal to the Naza? I have mine connected to the X8R and workd perfect
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    FrSky Taranis, X8R and the Phantom
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    Which way is front?!

    Headlight is brilliant. I have one on my P1. Can see front straight away even in strong sunlight