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    I couldn't exit intelligent flight mode!

    thanks for the tip with the flight mode switch! didn't think of that! However strange thing is I did the CSC and it didn't kill the engines immediately... I thought it kills engines immediately after doing the combination...
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    I couldn't exit intelligent flight mode!

    Dear Friends! I had a few busy weeks with no time for flying. Yesterday I took my P4 for the flight. During the second flight, I was filming a short video and used the "home lock" intelligent mode. When I was about 45s from home point I got a low battery alert (30%). I continued with the stick...
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    Software for a mac

    I use Final Cut Pro. I've tested both FCP X and Adobe. Depending on which mac you have, FCP X will run better. Furthermore FCP is one time purchase and there are plenty of tutorials. For starters you may want to try free imovie, as it is quite comprehensive yet simple in use. FCP X is similar to...
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    Test Flight 4K foggy

    nice video!
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    Youtube & Vimeo Channels - ALL LINKS GO HERE ONLY- NO VIDEOS

    Here is link to mine, born today, channel: Adrian Jozefiak
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    Phantom 4 Pro - Santorini Island

    thank you so much for the tips! I didn't use any ND, as P4P arrived literally days before my trip to Greece, and since drones are not that very popular in Switzerland, I wasn't able to find any NDs ready for purchase... Do you have any recommendations? PolarPro? Also what I have to do for the...
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    Phantom 4 Pro - Santorini Island

    Hi Guys! This is my very first video (generally I use drone for photography). Shot with P4 Pro, post processed with Final Cut Pro X. Due to a very windy weather, a lot of footage was unusable - on the other hand that taught me a lot too. All the comments, tips and critique very welcome! PS...
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    Phantom 4 for sale

    friend bought one just after they came out. First one wouldn't fly - had to send it back. Second one had camera issues (gimbal was going crazy in flight)... And recently friend's P4 Pro's propeller broke during flight (which is very strange) and the drone is dead - fell from 200m... so in...
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    Phantom 4 for sale

    Hi everyone! Got to a point where I need to sell my Phantom 4 as I am unable to fullfill all the assignments with the camera (need to print the shots on large canvas). I am not super happy to do it as I read about many problems with P4 Pro but the camera is a big thing. The Phantom 4 I am...
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    P4Pro + or iPad?

    Hi Guys! Its almost a year since I bought my P4. Great device, flew many hours with it, mostly no issues but one - from time to time I get a green screen on my iPad (mini 2). Recently the drone got disconnected (I could still control the bird but the app (DJI GO4) said disconnected). Now I am...
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    Hi from Zürich

    As far as I remember it was around 200 meters. However the flight was reported and I was given a permission to fly in that area at that height :)
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    Hi from Zürich

    Thanks for a warm welcome!
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    Hi from Zürich

    Hi Guys! I've been flying my Phantom 4 since mid April. I've been to the forum few times since then, but I've registered only yesterday. I have already posted a fix to the linking issue after upgrade (here). I bought my P4 mainly for capturing some aerial frames but I am not really sure whether...
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    [SOLUTION] Unable to connect with controller after upgrade

    Hi fellow pilots! I am posting here a fix to a linking problem, maybe someone also got stuck there. I was looking for a fix to my issue all over the net but none of the existing posts was helpful. I had an upgrade notification few days ago (since I don't connect my iPad to wifi too often)...