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    GPS Jamming in Southeast

    We had a similar multi-day military exercise in the southwest centered around White Sands Missile Range (near where I live) last summer. GPS is not jammed for the entire time frame specified, just a few periods within it. I flew twice during the exercise period with no GPS issues.
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    Inexpensive vhf airband transceiver

    An internet search for your area airport will list the frequencies for the tower, approach and departure control, etc. to program into your scanner. Also of interest for your daughter might be the frequency for ATIS (automatic terminal information service). It's a looping recording updated...
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    Guess what i forgot 🤦‍♂️

    I've left home without an SD card a couple of times. I now download my videos to my PC through the USB cable directly to keep the SD card in the Phantom, and have a spare SD card taped to the bottom of my remote controller "just in case."
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    I have not been here in a while..... is the Phantom DOA or do we think that there will be a P5?

    Yes, plenty of speculation on the forums of a new generation Phantom 5 someday, but only speculation. No DJI Phantom support for over a year nor any official explanation. DJI is keeping their cards close to their chest if any plans. I love my P3S, still works great, and love the form factor...
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    new pilot

    I've had my P3S since they were first released. Though kinda old, still a good bird, good video, and does everything I want it to. You'll enjoy yours. 1) Go fly it and get comfortable with flying and maneuvering it before you concentrate on photos and videos 2) learn to fly both GPS and ATTI...
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    Flooding, trees down and more!

    Nice video of the flooding. Location?
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    Aftermath of San Bernardino, California Hillside Fire

    Sad subject to see all the destruction and the countless lives affected. But, your video documented it nicely and well done.
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    DJI Mavic Mini Released!

    I have no connection with DJI. But I do wonder, if like us, DJI just isn't getting fed-up with all the laws and restrictions constantly being placed on their products. Then, multiply that by 300+ countries. So they introduced a mini "toy" drone that circumvents the registration requirements...
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    Should I Update Firmware?

    DJI no longer makes or supports the Phantom 3 series (except for repair). So what would an update possibly do? It wouldn't be to improve functionality - only add to the no-fly zone and geo-fencing, possibly limiting your flights even more. Some report successful updates (though no real...
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    Flying drone in Barbados - NEW UPDATE - SEPTEMBER 2019

    Wow, what a hassle. Hope you at least got some good video of the island. I have a ham radio friend that vacationed there and had a similar story of getting his temporary ham license from the Telecom Dept. and related fees. You got off cheap! Thanks for the story.
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    Africa cape town cinematic video

    Indeed, a great enjoyable video. Well done.
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    Quick question

    I have taken drone photos of trains and steam locomotives with the drone. I set my Nikon camera on a tripod recording video and sound while also shooting video with my P3S. Then, use the sound from the Nikon camera for the drone video. Only way I have figured out how to do it.
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    Old School House

    Greeting from your drone neighbor in Socorro, NM. We have a couple of old schools around here that look very similar. Yours looks like the school house style designed by brothers Trost & Trost Architects with offices in El Paso and Albuquerque. Ca. 1920-30s. Look here for the Trost buildings...
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    Olvera (Cádiz - Spain) as you never have seen it

    Your video and music just sings out Spain! Very well done.
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    Should i mind my own business? Or write a complaint to FAA?

    I guess my opinion would be to contact the FAA. Let them explain the rules. I also think it's important for the FAA to see that the majority of responsible drone pilots are trying to "police our own." That could go a long ways.