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    Catching a P3

    Thanks for that tip, I was thinking I’d need both hands to catch the drone :) I’ll give it a try
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    Catching a P3

    I have heard that people catch their drones for landing if the ground is uneven etc. and the phantom should be easy to grab by it’s legs but how do you then shut the motors down? I’ve heard that can you turn the drone upside down quickly but does that upset the IMU or overload the gimbal?
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    Jerky video

    Just taken my first video with my new phantom 3 4K having previously used a Spark and have found it to be horribly jerky even from the SD card. Could it be because my computer etc. can’t handle 4K ?
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    New phantom 3 4K owner

    Just purchased a p34k refurbished from DJI and the remote won’t charge past 2 lights. Any suggestions ? How long does the remote battery usually last before needing charging ? Thanks